Capturable Towns/Airfields. Whats the fair thing to do?

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In a recent thread, our old friend Hotfink asks, "Ok so if Bad Soberheim and Frankfurt are Capable. Why are Beauvis and Clemont not. It would seem only fair that if they have two towns behind the lines that are able to support Air units when we have pushed to the West Coast. what is the fair thing to do?"

This change was announced over 3 months ago and was tested with public participation in a lengthy open beta over all 3 of those months. Given the time available, we did the fairest thing that could be done.

With the next patch the following changes will take place bringing this issue to a temporary close until more terrain is added.

  1. All airfields within the play space or adjacent to the front are now capturable.
  2. Beauvais and Clermont are capturable towns/airfields linked into supply exactly as Koblenz and Bad Soberheim are. There are two extreme rear airfields in England (Biggin Hill and Hornchurch) which remain exceptions due to their extreme distance beyond the general play space.
  3. All redundant depots that were delinked when the game world was expanded east beyond the Cochem region (Mendig, Hermskiel, etc..) and could no longer link to Frankfurt have been reconfigured/renamed to no longer appear as depots on the map. These now function as capturable city facilities like for example the railways stations function as. They no longer have the depot names they inherited back when they were functioning depots so this should ease any confusion regarding not being able to spawn at them.

For a functioning links map and an understanding of what is and is not linked, at a glance, click here (always available top/left of BE homepage) and then click on the "supply lines" view option. Please note that until the next patch the Beauvais/Clermont supply links will not show up on this link map. They will after the patch goes live.

The next patch is due to go live as soon as it completes debug testing. It is not a v1.32 patch, it is a point release to v1.31 currently in play.

-1 #9 Tiger16 2010-07-11 15:53
Soon the next patch will even things up.
+1 #8 Glo 2010-07-11 09:01
Why can you fix the allies 76mm AT gun from turning over when being Tow?

You know you can turn this back over in real life.

So why do u have it turning up side down all the time we tow it ?
+1 #7 Catamole 2010-07-11 02:50
And hopefully one day places like The Hague, Ipswich and other "out of reach" towns can become capable too.
+1 #6 Frantish 2010-07-10 20:19
So, now it is possible to kick FaF completely out of France, and the LW completely to Training.
+1 #5 Hick 2010-07-09 00:50
Ahh, Figured I'd ask just to be thorough, not really concerned either way
+1 #4 Megatron 2010-07-08 20:04
We have all learned alot from both Liege and now Frankfurt. Alot of feelings are hurt over this, and CRS needs to start the healing process. A post on all the new goodies you guys are working on for the next 6 months would help (hint hint). :)
+1 #3 DOC 2010-07-08 18:51
Ahh no, the Dover-Antwerp depot isn't causing us any real problems and has never been spawnable, it's actually an important sea-link we'd like to keep for when we can put in overwater supply functions. Both HC's were informed of the capture changes.
+1 #2 Hick 2010-07-08 18:05
With the renaming of unlinked depots, will the Dover depot in Antwerp also be renamed?
+1 #1 Bluekill 2010-07-08 16:30
A big change like that should have AT LEAST been sent to both sides Central Command so at least officers were aware of it.And FYI,Hotfink made the post not csm it looks like.
[Corrected, thank you - MM]
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