FRU Timers set to change


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When we introduced the two cool down timers related to the Field Resupply Units our original thoughts were that when they are destroyed they should take about the same time it took to drive a truck from your FB to somewhere reasonably smart from which to stage your infantry missions. Previous to FRU's this was the only way to get a mobile spawn into the field.

DOCWe figured in the original planning meetings that "somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes" would make sense and provide what we sought, more game play without destroying it at the same time.

Our first ranging shot we went short because that's a better shot in the dark than going too long. So five minutes. After some time in the real world to appraise our proximity to target, we fired another shot but this time we went long at ten minutes. This covered the range from the least to the most, that we had originally anticipated being where things would fall, given the fundamental nature of the FRU change.

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 20th we will be doing our quick weekly maintenance of the campaign host, and when the server reopens we will be using a SEVEN minute timer on the Field Resupply Unit. This fits perfectly with:

1. The average time from an attack FB to "somewhere useful for an MSP" in a town attack actually IS 7 minutes

(we didn't just guess this we averaged over 25 different FB->town test drives, while they do vary the average was 7 minutes)

2. It's pretty close to a perfect split of the two previous "ranging shots" and strikes us as right on the money. The fact that it is on the shorter side of the split rather than the longer side also strikes us as the right choice

We read a lot of ideas that players gave us on making other changes to the way FRUs work, and while some of them are really good, they require changes to the host that would take much longer to execute. Altering the timers is a step towards finding the best game play impact of the FRU.

We hope you continue to have fun with the on going development and evolution of the game.