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Getting close, kids, honest! The list of tickets critical to the release of 1.31 has been burned down to around 8 "needed for release" fixes. The team is in hyper-drive to crush those last few issues. Last Fridays focus test was great, we got some good data from it that allowed us to make some important decisions. Friday will see another Focus Test on the Beta server from 12-4pm. Come play, it's always a blast. If you haven't been in Beta for a while, you'll find some nice improvements have been made.

Thursday, May 13th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]
Friday, May 14th: 12pm - 4pm FOCUS TES

Log in Friday at 12pm (5pm GMT/UTC) and help! System messages will let you know where, when and what to spawn.

S! and see you on the Beta Server!