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We're getting closer to wrapping up the Open Beta but there are still several changes to be made as a result of further development and fixes. Several of these issues are either under reported or not reported at all, considering the vast array of things that were changed, updated, rewritten or built from scratch for this big release. In order to meet the need to get to release as quickly as possible, but WITHOUT a huge number of glaring bugs or bad issues, and to ensure that GOOD PERFORMANCE UNDER LOAD is achieved, we need to run focus tests that have a lot of people attending.

We'll be having specific timed testing on Friday March 4th at 4pm CST and we really need as many people logged in and taking part in grouped testing as we can get. We are keeping the sessions short to not upset server population on the campaign server too much, but the fact is that since the next release IS what will populate the campaign server we have to get this testing done.

Please try to attend if you can, it's important to the future of the game to have good load testing done on the future release before it becomes that future release.

Please make sure if you have reports to give us on issues or bugs you find or observe, that you use the Open Beta Bug Reporting forum to report your findings and please include a testing methodology or replication routine, so that we can quickly locate, analyze and ticket the fixes required before release. Don't use the .report function as this is not part of that process and those reports won't be monitored for that purpose.

Thank you for all your help and S!



0 #2 Jacob Berrier 2011-03-07 04:35
im very good at being a beta tester
0 #1 mdundee 2011-03-02 19:34
Oh good lord I can make the second one! (first one was at 6am this morning, it's now 11:30 am, so missed it). It's 8am Saturday, but I will Give You my Saturday Morning sleep-in CRS, because I Love This Game!
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