V1.32.5 Production Update

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It's been a few weeks since our last update for 1.32 and we've used the time to tie off a few outstanding issues, finish some feature work and nail a few bugs. I know you guys are hot after us to do a bug hunt because the Community Managers have taken your rally calls to the halls of CRS. So in an effort to calm them down and prevent any aneurysms let's start off with those today shall we?

The Black Out Bug of Ultimate Doom!

Weird this one. When you drive over rough terrain in a light vehicle at high speed you're supposed to black out. When you drive down the road at a moderate speed, well, not so much. It took us a few tries to find this one but we've got a change going into beta today that should alleviate the incessant black out. You'll still probably black out if you're traveling too fast off road but the bug should be fixed. I'll be testing later today.

The Missing Bush Bug from Mars!

There are actually several varieties of this bug but most variations are from bad drivers or old hardware that frankly makes playing almost impossible anyway. The one we're concentrated on is a very odd one where on a single spawn you see no bushes (on berms was the key report) and the next spawn you do. We found a cause for that thanks in no small part to the posting in the Test Forums. Thanks guys.

Concussion of the Third Kind!

The concussion bug is still kicking us in the gut. We've got some more time tasked to it this fall but in the interim we've gone back to removing the shake cam. This won't fix the bug but it'll drop the annoyance factor by several points. We'll stay on this one though and keep you updated.

We're also working through some bugs in the Bailout Scoring code and some of the oddness and poor feedback surrounding the new FRU placement rules.


We've fixed most of the instances where you would award or not award plink kills and that all seems to be working correctly. We also fixed a odd little bug where if you crash landed on a building you could never despawn. OOPS!

FRU Placement

There are several times where an FRU might just not be possible. This is what happens when you see your self build one and then it immediately disappears. There are several reasons why this might be the case but usually they result from an invalid origin or target. We've got most of these nailed down with better feedback including feedback at Mission Select for missions that have, don't have or can never have an MSP.


We've decided to add some functionality to the cut off rules in order to allow the system to do clean up of out of supply towns. We're calling this system Surrender. The basics are that when a town is front line and out of supply it will notify the owners that it will surrender in several hours. Making this town no longer front line or putting it back in supply will remove the pending Surrender.

Surrender will take several hours (I think we're starting with 24) and will be indicated by a white flag on the map and some sort of countdown timer (still working on that one). Once the town surrenders, ownership will be given to the enemy. This will slowly over time reduce cut off pockets and eventually rout any left behind brigades.

In addition to this, any brigades who are out of supply will receive a movement penalty of 25% to indicate their operating behind enemy lines.

The only remaining feature we need to finish is a global cool down for FRU placement that will reset when an FRU is destroyed, giving a brief time before a new MSP can be placed for that mission.

Once that is complete we'll be diving head long into 1.33 which is planned to be a short turn around in time for the holidays and whose main focus will be bug fixes. Sure, we have a couple little stocking-stuffers in there as well but we'll wait a little bit before we unwrap those goodies.

Until then,

See you on the Meuse.


0 #10 harrison 2010-11-11 20:58
It wont let me play the game i have it all downloaded but when i click play it my screen goes black [try the support forums or http://support.playnet.com -RAFTER]
0 #9 Ben Tremblay 2010-11-08 20:24
I've been waiting to play this for many /many/ years; I'd forgotten about it! With a PC that runs ArmA2 easy I re-discovered the game in an old set of bookmarks. Installed; training done; looking forward to fun! ^5 TogoSmials aka "Dawks" bem [Welcome! -Rafter]
0 #8 styopa 2010-11-08 06:48
Resupplied inf should add to the timer, perhaps +3 min per dude.

This would also put some onus on the attacking forces to enforce a cordon on resupply to the encircled forces, like in real life.

Otherwise, how does Stalingrad ever happen?
0 #7 Chrisg 2010-11-07 07:58
Please tell me 1.33 is going to have the new infantry models!
0 #6 Szyporyn 2010-11-07 04:50
So you have coded in that light vehicles can cause blackout?

Why not just turn that off - you dont black out from driving over rough terrain!
0 #5 chris may 2010-11-07 03:04
looks great, very excited but do us poor builders get a sneak peak at the stocking stuffer? I could never resist peeling back the wrapping paper on the presents under the tree as a kid!
0 #4 dcdc 2010-11-06 16:11
Thanks for listening!
0 #3 Wildman4 2010-11-06 07:20
Please get rid of the FRU, it takes away from the game play. Hunting the MSP's is much more fun and rewarding than looking for some stupid boxes. At least when you destroy a MSP the enemy has to drive another out allowing time to setup defense.
0 #2 Hick 2010-11-05 23:37
Awesome! I think we need a "Day in the life of a Rat" so some of the folks who think these things are "easy" fixes can see just how elusive some of these bugs can be. Keep up the good work!
0 #1 Sparre 2010-11-05 19:38
Good to hear you are hunting them bugs down one by one. :)
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