v1.33 Open Beta Update


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We're on the home stretch with version 1.33 and it's looking good for an Open Beta Test to begin next week. The biggest update, I'm sure you're all aware of, is the switch to a brand new infantry model, texture and animations. We also worked on finding and trying to resolve several outstanding bugs, as well as improving overall performance.

MOTORMOUTHInternal testing of the new infantry is going very well, and we're pretty impressed with what we're seeing. All the LOD models are looking great, and we've been having fun blowing each other up and sniping each other off high ledges, testing the ragdoll animations. In order to get 1.33 out in a timely manner, we've had to move some minor feature completion to a subsequent update. Some of these are features are being worked on, but not considered "deliverable ready". 1.33 Open Beta will release without the following features on infantry:

Variable Faces
High Command Uniforms

Some of these features require more work so will make it out in a future update. We're happy to announce that the paratroopers are finished, and looking spectacular, and that we've added a 4th level of detail that should improve performance for some. Several outstanding ragdoll bugs were fixed, and some animations replaced. The first person view, things like hands and arms, remain unchanged for the time being.

In addition to the new infantry, a lot of work was done working on identifying and trying to fix old bugs, such as the CTDs, the Mission Results Pending, and the Concussion bug. An audit was performed to strip out and optimize some stuff in the code and how it loads to improve performance and kill the memory leak that was plaguing players.

As usual with any update, the readme on 1.33 is extensive. There were fixes to the horizontal stabilizers on some of the 109s, an upgrade to the core audio engine, a reduction in memory allocation, a possible fix for the firing bug, and much more.

We plan on hosting some Open Beta events this time, so keep checking the front page of the website for announced dates and times. We look forward to getting your input!

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