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Woot! 1.33 is here and looking sexy. Barring some act of nature, we'll be bringing the live game down at 11amCDT to up-version it to 1.33. The campaign status will be frozen so no need to worry about lost towns. As well as the spiffy new infantry, audio engine updates, and bug fixes, the new RDP/Factory damage rules will be put into effect. Our thanks to everyone who helped us test on the Beta server.

UPDATE: We found an error in one file that means we need to rebuild 1.33. If you had already downloaded the installer you will need to do so again. Many apologies.

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We're getting closer to wrapping up the Open Beta but there are still several changes to be made as a result of further development and fixes. Several of these issues are either under reported or not reported at all, considering the vast array of things that were changed, updated, rewritten or built from scratch for this big release. In order to meet the need to get to release as quickly as possible, but WITHOUT a huge number of glaring bugs or bad issues, and to ensure that GOOD PERFORMANCE UNDER LOAD is achieved, we need to run focus tests that have a lot of people attending.

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As has been mentioned in previous production updates, we've been putting extra effort in to nail down and kill some very stubborn bugs that have haunted the game for a while. Memory issues, concussion bugs, CTHLs, Mission Results Pending, the No Bush Bug and a few others have all been on the list for aggressive hunting and merciless killing. We've made some good progress on those and many others.

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It's here, kids! Open Beta for version 1.33 is now on like Donkey Kong. Now's your chance to help us work out the kinks and wrinkles that go hand in hand with any major update. The new infantry are just awesome and we think we've nailed a few of the bugs left over from 1.32, including the Concussion bug and Mr.P.

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