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DOCJust a quick note coming out of production this week ending Oct.2nd, about a couple of changes we have being added to the v1.31 beta.
Now of course there are a lot of things happening here as everyone involved with v1.31 is busily working away on their task lists but I specifically wanted to highlight a couple of things that are new features we have added late in the build.

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MOTORMOUTHIn the ongoing drive to upgrade Battleground Europe, Cornered Rat Software will be implementing Ragdoll physics with the live release of v1.31. Using a third party physics library called "Open Dynamics Engine" (ODE) players will now have the option of seeing an infinite variety of infantry death animations. Ragdoll is yet one more method the artists and coders at CRS are using to increase the immersion of WWIIOL.

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