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DOCThere were some issues that stemmed mainly from the new authentication server and the background processes we had to upgrade as part of the "invisible" side of the online game service. The patch itself was good overall with only a couple of issues we should have solved quickly. There *are* a bunch of things that could go south on you when we make a major change like this, depending on many variables, and since we can't know what your individual situation is specifically, we have a "blanket" process that should cover basically everyone. Read on for what to do :-

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The latest version of Battleground Europe is now ready for pre-release testing. We appreciate your assistance in helping to review the final builds of our release candidate. This test is available to all of our premium subscribers and will run every day until release . Please be sure to check for the latest installations of the test client. Also please read the read me file, stickied in this thread, prior to testing and participate in any focus tests that are posted. Thank you again for participating in our test.

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