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Most of you haven't heard of it but a lot of you are probably already using it: Wiretap. This is an experimental service we are developing that exposes dynamic game world data via the web -- like town ownerships, recent captures, even the TOE sheets!

The data isn't intended to be viewed directly, although the site does have some tools like the live captures feed; it's there for our artful community members who have always found ways to extract game data from the gazette, CS&R or even Doc's posts in the forums!

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KFS1In the earliest of days we had a mere four radios and a very few channels to tune them to. Almost all of them were country specific at the very start. If you wanted to plan and co-ordinate, though, you invariably had to use a numbered channel. At one point, there were some 70 out of the 99 possible numbered channels designated by various players for various different purposes.

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