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Tonight's hot fix being released will focus on fixing two client crashes, an AWS issue and a couple of manuals got repaired. We'll also be adding some anti-griefing stuff and an automation to make mission creation a tad bit easier. Great for players, is the re-addition of the "Player Ping" information which has now been color coded for good - neutral - bad connectivity. We hope this feedback is used productively so you can make modifications on your end, such as getting off that WiFI / going hardline ethernet for best packet transmissions. Also new, you guys can change the color of green tags (new players) for the first time. Please keep reading for specific details.

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Coming to WWII Online tonight (at 8PM Server Time) is version This includes a series of bug fixes, updates and new content / features including: Russian language support, AHC rear Garrison management, Panzer IV H, and the new hotkey for accessing your key mapper, "P." IMPORTANT MUST-FOLLOW INSTRUCTION FOR UPDATING: You MUST un-install your current version of the game and download a new full version of the game. There has been some WWIIOL installer changes made which requires this sort of action. Full version change notes contained within the article, please continue reading. FORUM GUIDE / HELP LINK (CLICK HERE)

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