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CHIMMThis release is labeled as a Maintenance Release and is geared to fixing several of the long-standing bugs, and adds some new features such as Bombers being able to destroy forward base vehicle spawns, an all-new Brussels Airfield, and the name of the player(s) you killed on your mission AAR screen (and more)!

Servers will come down tomorrow night around 9:00 PM CDT/3:00 AM BST. 

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Deploying tonight around 8PM Server Time will be version It's purely a bug-fix patch with a couple of issues being corrected specifically focused on Hybrid Supply. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we launch the first official Hybrid Supply Campaign, and on Wednesday we launch Welcome Back Soldier. Remember to do your part and start contacting Squad mates NOW and get them back into WWII Online. Things are going to be very exciting and we're going to see Hybrid Supply with lots of players, as it should be, across the whole game world. Keep reading for patch notes.

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