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This update includes two major items to successfully release on Steam. There are a couple of minor updates / fixes as well. Testing will be required for Netcode3 and Multiple Cell Hosts. Our QA team has approved after initial tests and we need to do a proper stress test at this stage to verify the integrity of these updates.

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Readme - 1.35.7 - February 2017

This is an important game update primarily focused on "under the hood" fixes in preparation for Steam. Releases of this nature will occur in the future as they are ready, certainly as we get closer to Steam.

The out of game "Squad Tools" directly benefit from these changes. Our community development team has been working on these and cannot wait to get them released to you.

Ongoing development continues on several components, relating to Steam prep / due diligence cleaning / content production.

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We had a fast turn around on this hotfix (WOOT)! Thanks to the community for your great feedback, we've made some important adjustments to tune the new PPO's to better fit into the game. Read the notes carefully inside and more important, get in-game and start creating your very own fortifications! These new player placed objects completely revolutionize the way players fortify the game, adding a new whole new dimension to our great player driven game. Campaign 131 starts Sunday, December 4th 2016.

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