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WWIIOL - Battleground Europe

Version (11-08-11)

US Forces:
- Added US M4A3 Sherman (76)
- Added US M4A2 Sherman
- Added US M10
- Added Laffly as a stand in for the Deuce and a half
- Added stand in French ATG and AAG AI
- Added P3-38
- Added US Rifleman - Springfield
- Added US Semi-Automatic Rifleman - M1 Garand
- Added US Automatic Rifleman - Bar
- Added US Sniper
- Added US Sapper
- Added US Anti Tank Infantry - Bazooka
- Added DE Anti Tank Infantry - Panzershreck
- Added DE Semi-Automatic Rifleman -  - Gewehr 43
- Added US HE and Smoke grenades

- Removed eye dip while moving in stand position
- holding aim will now hold the out of ammo weapon switch
- Rocket Infantry use the Heavy Infantry stamina profile (they tire faster)
- The BAR can both aim and deploy depending
- Bar 'rt-mouse' aims and 'b' deploys
- PPO cool down timer now works correctly
- Removed lean function and associated keymappings
- RPATS are boresighted to 50m
- RPATS now have a ricochet effect for non penetrating hits
- RPATS have a back blast effect which will injure the shooter if he is too close to an obstacle

Infantry Load Outs:
- Sappers renamed to Engineer
- Engineer load out adjusted to reflect new role
- Engineer receives new HE Satchel weapon
- Engineer gets more grenades
- The ATR receives very limited HEAT Satchel Charge (1)
- ATR will eventually be replaced in the RDP with a RPAT Infantry
- Grenadiers get more of all grenades
- All Rifle Grenades are now HE

- Fixed a long standing engine start bug (Stug bug)
- Fixed crew damage component ordering errors (the AT/AA Gun Bug)
- Duplicate engine state messages removed
- M10 tail gunner now has matched damage model
- Added tank track decals
- Improved the bounce back effect when hitting something
- .303 aircraft round tracer adjusted
- Adjusted FoV on Pak36 gun sight
- Vehicles now push friendlies out of the way

- Players can now enter in custom convergence values in the keymapper for each plane
- This is persistent across sessions
- Dot conv command still works.

Guns & Ammo:
- Shaped charge munitions can now generate shrapnel
- Standardized StatHE values (more shrapnel)
- RPATS have historical dispersion data
- Did some dispersion sanity checks while were in there (looking good)
- Improved shape charge damage cone

- Fix for missing first person sounds in heavy battles
- Adjusted sound priorities
- Fix for xaudio max sounds
- Fixed an issue where vehicle engine volume would continue to affect external sound volume when engine was off

- Fixed numerous reported issues
- Adjusted tree colors
- Fixed flag issues on FRU
- Terrain for upcoming event
- Several old towns redone

- Updated UI screens
- Waypoint tooltip in map now displays distance from player to waypoint, in meters, rounded to the nearest meter
- Inactive personas are grayed out, and forward button is set to "Inactive" and disabled

- More commands are listed in ".help"

- The join brigade function has country info
- All maps now use the same map scale ring functionality

- All new vehicle/infantry updates system:
- Provides for much smoother positional updates, especially for infantry
- Prioritizes important updates and update elements
- Increases frequency of updates per player/vehicle you can see
- Improved recovery from packet loss/lag,
- New persistent Map Host connection
- Scoring basics now in (but scoring not working)
- Fix for locked personas/cthl on relog <-- WOOT!!1!
- Improved player capacity
- Known Issues:
- Mission Results are no-longer pending :(
- New update system does not implement the "stuck firing" feature of previous versions :(
- Popular feature where the game would save you from staying online too long by releasing you back to the real world ("CTHL") is no-longer functioning at 100% efficiency. Playnet is not responsible for any increase in gameplay duration you may suffer as a result =/

- Improved default mouse speed
- Aiming has a separate mouse sensitivity setting

- Now have ability to have allied branch ranks to be shared up to any level
- HC ranks above 20 should now show the correct icon

- Can now search for enemy names greater than 8 characters

- Added revision number to loading screen
- Updated languages
- Removed despawn timer from training
- Blood splats now work even at lowest setting (but still no blood for china)

- Now requires MacOS 10.6

- Dennis "Smokeeye" Moe - CM/GM Team
- Fredrik "Fredrik1" Sjoborg - Lead Forum Mod
- Roy "Wildhund" Hadaway - High Command Recruitment Officer

- added a no shadow option to the shadow preferences for region 5 (China)
- Added replacement flags for US Forces
Full Installers:
0 #11 Gr8Edgar 2011-11-10 22:01
I havent played in couple of years do i need to uninstall the version i have (whatever version that is?) and install this new one or what do i need to do to be ready for play and do i need to redo all my vehical and weapon keys?
0 #10 Sparre 2011-11-10 07:48
Want to add that during this intense fight did I get a killing spree of 19 kills in one mission [sic!] when holding off the amerikanskis from advancing toward the City flag. Normally can't I brag about being a good shot. But I do love the G43. :D
0 #9 Sparre 2011-11-10 07:45
The Infantry fight in Westkapelle yesterday was mind blowing. I estimate we had 100+ players in an intense and fierceful close combat fight that lasted for hours.
0 #8 Velvis 2011-11-09 16:10
I want a Welcome Back Soldier invite please. I requested one the other day and haven't heard a thing yet. I am a year 1 player and I haven't played in over a year but I would like to see the improvements and how my system handles the game now.
0 #7 kris 2011-11-09 12:55
I cant apply for help on forums or in tickets, this was my only choice. Someone in CRS please email me back my trial is drying up and i really want to jump in game to see if i want to resub or not. thanks.
0 #6 klesh 2011-11-09 09:01
I've been playing offline a little and I have to say I am impressed guys!!! Looks awesome. I'm curious, could you show us what the replacement USA flag for the Chinese version looks like?
0 #5 Camaro 2011-11-09 04:37
Do you consider to change infantry stamina back to normal? I can run endlesly with pace 3min/km, it isn`t world record for marathon, but is very close. I think it`s a bit unrealistic.
0 #4 rubez 2011-11-09 00:18
Yeah the Stuart should be added
0 #3 morggin 2011-11-08 20:57
Will there ever be a P-51 added to the US side ?
0 #2 Xanthus 2011-11-08 18:56
WHAT? Mission Results no longer pending??? Gosh darn it CRS, now there's no moar mystery!11 ;D
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