1.34.8 Patching Issues

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The Installers are now available. PlayGATE will auto update you to the latest version. Some players may have an issue running the patch and need to get the full installer. If you get a "playarc not the correct version to upgrade" error please download the full installer. Links after the jump.

PC Full Installer v1.34.8

PC Patch Installer v1.34.7 to 1.34.8

Mac Full Installer v1.34.8

Mac Patch Installer v1.34.7 to 1.34.8

We will begin the patching process at 11:00am and expect to have the server back online at 12:00pm.


0 #2 crossfir 2012-02-08 16:03
Hi, British and French pistols are way off by hitting the grey zone target at the rifle-range,in compare with US and German pistols that are pretty good close to the target zone by stand, knee, and couch. BTW, RAT soldiers are cool especially PIAT.
0 #1 Praevus 2012-02-08 03:35
Urgh. Downloading full installer again for me!

Could there be a reason why I've never been able to patch? Since joining, I have to download full installers, as my game won't upgrade on it's own. Any ideas?
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