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GOPHURAhh another week and another beta patch. I really thought that we would go live this week when I wrote about the 1.31.2 beta last week but alas we decided to fix a few more things instead. I think it'll be worth the wait for you guys. If we can get some good QA on this over the weekend then we should be in a position to release to live next week. We've got about 20 new things into test with this patch so let's go over a few of the highlights.

Concussion Bug

AHWULF reminded me that I didn't talk about this one last week. Oops. We think this one is nailed down but we won't really be able to tell until we go live as we need a pretty heavy concentration of players to experience it. Good news is that China is reporting this fixed as they've had this host for quite some time now so we feel pretty good about this one.


The dreaded zombie infantry who just won't die when you run them over should be fixed and headed correctly to their graves. We also fixed a couple of really zany bugs with infantry. The first was being able to throw them over your plane if you strafed them just right. Much fun but alas, has to go. The other was that infantry were reacting to too many different explosions at onece which could cause them to fly really far after a few close 20mm explosions. If you haven't see the video you should check it out.


DOC and the hangar had a go around about switching out a weapon on the 109F1 and we've put that into beta for testing. Not much to say here that hasn't alredy been covered. Smaller gun, more ammo, basically same flight characteristics.


We finally got around to testing auto-approval for contact reports. This also fixes ML issues on the Mac.

No Fire Zone

We're trying an adjustment to the no fire rules. The no fire zone will only become active if the enemy can spawn from the building. We'll want to get some feedback on this change to see how it plays out.

Mr. P

Ah yes. Mission Results Pending. Dead we hope. Probably won't be able to tell for sure until we go live which is why we hope to go live early next week. *crosses fingers*


This is one of my favorites. Nobody seem to have posted a bug report on this but if you pay close attention the AI ATG will blow themselves up in the live game because half the time when they fire at you they hit the sandbags. Too funny. Fixed. We hope.

If you're interested in helping test a bit over the weekend head on over HERE and get the latest Beta installer. As always thanks to all of you who have given some of your time t help make the game better for us all.

See you on the Meuse


-1 #13 xfodder 2010-07-14 00:43
I hope they fix the bug that boots people from the game if they change missions. e.i. you can spawn in one mission and die, respawn again, but if you switch missions you get booted. This bug may only affecting certain OS users though.
+1 #12 ChristianR 2010-07-12 15:31
Yay!!!!! I can mark!!!!!
+1 #11 brooks123 2010-07-10 20:00
First time seeing the concussion bug so called. very hard to get it to stop. forcing you to exit the game.
+1 #10 Windowa 2010-07-10 19:28
now we just need a medic class and a pistol for sniper...
+1 #9 Hotjoe 2010-07-10 18:22
/Disagree kilemall. Im pretty certain if asked of the PB, most would say they FFFFFUUUUU'd more when their mission results didnt show up. Really hope this has been killed. With fire.
+1 #8 kilemall 2010-07-10 11:51
I think the concussion bug is the biggest issue going, I wouldn't release until you got that one killed.
+1 #7 Sequoia 2010-07-10 03:41
not sure where "head over here" gets the new download to test the 109F2 still looking
+1 #6 IXJac 2010-07-10 02:22
Bite your tongue! 109F2 is the sex!
+1 #5 Sugabearto 2010-07-10 02:15
Interesting to see the changes. *crosses fingers* Hope that MRP is fixed!!
+1 #4 Kroni 2010-07-09 19:58

Link to awesome flying inf video?
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