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1.32 will soon introduce three new Player Placed Objects to give players some new game play options. This is only the start of what we can do with this new feature. And, as with any new game feature, there are rules and codes governing the who, where and how of PPO usage. The following "PPO Primer" should clarify what those initial rules are. Some of these might be changed after a while, once we see how they work in the live game.


  • Can be placed by Trucks or Mission Leaders
  • Instead of leaving a UMSP in the world, truck drivers will drop the new FRU. Trucks are then free to drive away
  • Mission Leaders have the option of "tearing down" the FRU at any time and placing it at their current position. They can do this as often as they need
  • Build Timer: TBD (Probably around 30 seconds)
  • Placement limitations and ranges: Same as current UMSP
  • Destroyable: yes
  • Resupply points for friendly unit
  • RTB point for friendly infantry


  • Can be placed by sappers only
  • Will be able to accommodate smaller class of AT guns
  • Build timer: 120 seconds, interruptible (moving/damage)
  • Cool down timer (Determining when another GE can be placed): TBD
  • Placement limitations: Not on water, airfields, within 3 meters of buildings, limited number per area (TBD)
  • Destroyable: No
  • Time-out rules: GE will vanish after being abandoned for 30 minutes (timer resets to 0 every time any unit, friendly or other, is within 3 meters)


  • Can be placed by all infantry except sappers
  • Will be able to accommodate prone/kneeling infantry
  • Build timer: 30 seconds, interruptible (moving/damage)
  • Cool down timer: TBD
  • Placement limitations: Not on water, urban tiles, city tiles, airfields, not within 3 meters of buildings, limited number per area (TBD)
  • Destroyable: No
  • Time-out rules: IFP will vanish after being abandoned for 5 minutes (timer resets to 0 every time any, friendly or other, unit is within 3 meters)


With both the GE and the IFP, terrain will factor into placement. The HUD will display a ghosted 3D image tinted either red or green, indicating where the PPO can be placed. Once the system has determined that the object meets the criteria for placement in the terrain, the infantry unit will be forced into the kneel position and unable to move, change states or fire a weapon during the build process. Infantry units will be damageable during the build process. Should infantry damaged any time during the build process, the build process is interrupted.

That's it for today's lesson. Initial testing is looking good. It's once these feature get into the live game that these features will really be put to the test. It's that we'll be able to determine if any of the rules needs to be changed. We hope you're as excited about PPOs as we are. We can't wait to see how you play with them and what new ones we can introduce in the near future.


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+2 #44 ike250 2010-10-08 10:05
SUPER!this type of features is what WWII online needs!expand, make the countryside also a place to battle,not just towns/cities,switch down a little the difficulty to battle others (move a litte to a FPS, but not too much!)and then you will shine!
+2 #43 Weadley 2010-10-08 09:43
Sounds like fun.. Maybe I will try it this weekend. Got the email on Friday.
+2 #42 Chris5 2010-09-20 11:22
Yea, that Havok GDC 2010 Destruction Demo would be an excellent addition or new idea to this game.
+2 #41 Sajer43 2010-09-20 06:15
Great stuff! I especially like the FRU, and can't wait to see it in-game.

Keep up the good work CRS!
+2 #40 BMAX 2010-09-19 12:31
Did you get my last question ????? What will the new rev due to frame rate. After the last version my frame rate dropped to 1-2 in populated areas. Is this because the servers are over stressed ??
+2 #39 vilhjalmur 2010-09-18 20:35
Very nice !!!!
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