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In a stoic attack to circumvent a clever gamble made by the Allied High Command to move around the eastern flank of the German lines and capture their production factories in Frankfurt and charge on north to the Ruhr valley industrial region, German forces have pushed on through France to the channel coast and are declared victors in Campaign 75.

Overnight, while we compile the stats data from the campaign, we will be in intermission. Friday (tomorrow) the 6th we will be starting Campaign 76, and for this campaign we will be employing a new format for starting deployment of your armies.

Instead of every brigade being preset in place before players can login to play the new campaign, they will be grouped with their Divisional HQ's and moved into battle after the campaign opens. This way players who normally pay no attention to how or where or why with regard to brigade placements and related strategies, can witness the opening moves and get a feel for how the battle begins. We hope this provides a little more excitement around the start of a campaign, and invests in regular players a little more about what is going on and the how/why of it.

We hope to see you all for this new start in Campaign 76! S!





0 #3 ronpaul 2011-10-06 20:39
Does that include the air flags too? like... Vlissingen is frontline at map start, so it won't have any air flags?
0 #2 ratatosk 2011-10-06 19:01
This will be interesting I think, sort of a mini-mobilization layer. There will be those who declare it teh Sux I'm sure, but I think watching combat deployments unfold could add to the dynamics of the game. We'll see what happens.
0 #1 fxmkorp 2011-10-06 16:26
I enjoyed this supply changes, still number of rifles on armored brigades have to be double and resupply 10-20% short to make counterattacks more feasible.
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