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DOCWe had some issues during the event today, when we discoverd a bug that would have prevented us srating the next campaign. After some hours of debugging, we think we have this squared away now. Unfortunately while we were debugging it the script routine restarted the event we staged for this intermission. It couldn't be avoided, but we now look set to have the campaign starting up without further problems.



So while todays bug and subsequent debug acramble have culminated in the campaign now being possible to start as it should, it did bork the results of the first days intermission event play. We set it as best we could based on memory but we're not insane enough to suggest that the server didn't come back online set differently to what it was when it went down.

Undfortunately it's almost a case of we can't seem to win for losing. We were very bummed out over this and please understand we didn't want to bork your fun in any way whatsoever. I few of you might have gotten a snappy retort from me online at the time, but it was a pressure cooker situation and I was debugging the problem and managing all the server host processes at the same time, while suffering a popped vertabrea. I'm truly sorry that I might have lacked patience with 1 or 2 of the most disgruntled players.

Anyway, the campaign looks set ro start ok now as a result of this mad scramble today, and we tried to keep downtime and any issues to an absolute minimum. Cross your fingers and toes that we catch a break tomorrow. I can't give you a start time because we still have some routines to debug, but they should be ok.

On an up note, the fighting on the server during the event intermission has been fun and furious, and remarkably even. I had a good time given the limited amount of actual playing I found time to have.

S! one and all.

0 #1 Quincannon 2012-11-29 14:30
The campaign will start when it starts, Doc. I just hope your back is feeling better soon. It's your job, but this is just a game. It's not important enough to have you hurt yourself further.Get well and have some very happy holidays, DOC!
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