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Last night the Germans completed a rapid overhaul of the remaining territory in France and captured England, effectively sealing the fate of Campaign 87 and thus taking the victors title for the campaign. After the chaos caused by the Germans cutting off the southern front and the Allies countering with a cut off of the German advance that cut them off the day before ... it was in the end a tumultuous last few days.

 Well done all, the Allies fought hard and with great cohesion in several key towns and cities but in the end were let down by a lack of numbers over the average. We will be in intermission until Friday the 21st of December when we plan to begin Campaign 88, and we hope you all have a happy and fun New Year.

S! and all the best to you and yours B]

0 #5 Dragoz 2012-12-21 12:41
What a campaign! Day to day there was no way to guess who was on top!
The most exciting campaign EVER.
What a great game! No other game has this level of play.
0 #4 fiambre 2012-12-20 02:42
Nobody goes unsatisfied here. You have town to town battles one campaign and spectacular cut off and revenge and new cut off followed by vital rush on the next one! What will future offer us? GO GO GO!
0 #3 Puttzy 2012-12-20 01:21
Wasn't sure that the Axis would bounce back after we broke through the southern lines of France to only get cut off the next morning, but we managed to somehow trap the entire allied army in a nice pocket, was a good war.
0 #2 adambomb 2012-12-19 15:30
it was a great campaign ... wasnt sure who was winning at
0 #1 Chasf 2012-12-19 13:35
on my return to the game I decided to do something different and play Axis. The Axis had the map at one point! Logged in the next day and the Allies had retaken all the ground. I just smiled and said to myself, "way to go allies" LOL.
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