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DOCWe're going to be resetting the live game host today for the close out of Campaign 53 which ended Sunday night in an Axis victory. Well done eveyone on both sides for another 5 weeks of hard fought war gaming. Following the reset in the early afternoon (Texas time) we will have a breezy 2 days of intermission fun before the reset on Wednesday afteroon for the start of Campaign 54.

This intermission is going to be run along the lines of one of the more popular themes requested all the time, but with a little twist. It's a fight over the English Channel ala "Battle of Britain" but with an Allied beachead already in place on the French coast so there is aground war underway immediately, but the twist is in the equipment rather than the brigade deployments.

Torpedo bombers are enabled (make sure you read up on the drop parameters for your fish) and to make it a little more fun, there won't be any cannon armed fighters available.

You're going to have to saddle up to take those puppies down, and in fighter versus fighter it's going to be around and around and around you go. No 20mm snapshots you'll have to rip 'em up using machine guns only.

Ground guys have nothing but early war tanks and no heavies in the Allied lists. Tons of ATGs but only the light stuff, versus the early light and medium tanks this should be a fun contest. Infrantry wise there are no grenadiers either, not a lot of sappers, and lots of ATRs.

British               German               French

A-13                 PzKw.IIIf             Panhard
Vickers              PzKw.38(t)          R-35
QF.2 pdr            SdKfz.232           H-39
Bofors               PaK.36                SaMle.25mm
CaMle.38           FlaK.28                Bofors
Hurricane I         FlaK.30               CaMle.38
Blemheim IV      Bf109E-1             Hawk 75a3
Blenheim If        Ju-87 Stuka         Bleheim IV
Blenheim IV-T    Blenheim IV-T      Blenheim IV-T
Fairmile MGB       Fairmile MGB        Fairmile MGB
Destroyer          Destroyer            Destroyer
Freighter           Freighter             Freighter
Bedford            Opel                    Laffly S-20
Morris CDSW      SdKfz.7

Numbers are not unlimited as they usually are in termission (ie: there is attrition supply) because that doesn't allow us to manipulate the spawnlists to only specific items like we wanted for this intermission. To do that supply has to be turned on. However, there is tons and tons of stuff within that supply list so while some things might run out at certain times it won't be for very long and there is still tons of stuff to use.

When flying a torpedo bomber for the first time, remember that to send your fish on it's merry way you have to be at or under 200 feet off the water and travelling no faster than 150 mph! Don't forget to check your trigger mappings either, it's the secondary trigger but you can map that to your primary if you like.

Congratulations to the Axis forces for their victory in Campaign 53 now back to work for me setting up the configuration files and database tables for "Damn the Torpedos Full Steam Ahead!"

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