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We were going to post a pre-Christmas announcment type dealy today, but we actually have a better one we're working on that we will update you with on Monday. We have some other things coming up we want to share with you too, so I'll just outline the sorts of things we're going to be focussing on in these announcements and which reflect the state of things here at CRS HQ. We're about to embark on a subscriber drive that will involve the community quite a bit. Xoom will be heading that effort and we hope we can get everyone behind the need to increase the number of subscriptions we have to draw on for resources. I'm being perfectly honest when I tell you we don't have enough subscriptions to do the things we need and that we know you, the players of WWIIOL; want. Everything relies on subscriptions and we need to increase these to get the ball rolling into 2013. We'll also be talking a little about our plans, what's on the list, that kind of thing. Some of this is going to be pretty obvious stuff. It's not about "give us money" although it could be made to sound that way. It's about the game (Battleground Europe or WWIIOL as many still prefer it to be known, I'm kind of in that camp myself) and getting to where we aren't just left with what we have, and nowhere to go with it. It's going to be about how every one of you is important and your next action could have a huge effect on the games future. A lot is going to be riding on the things we here at CRS do ... and the things you players do over the holiday period. So get ready to have a fun time, and remember that we all want to have a great new year when January rolls around.
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