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Commemorating the heroic action of the 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers at Etreux, August 27th, 1914 which bought the BEF 12 hours of retreat and continued survival.

Where: Training Server

When: August 22nd, 2009 @ 1400 EST / 1300 CST / 1200 MST / 1100 PST / 1900 GMT all other TZ consult World Clock.

In Game Location: Catillon, Fr (standing in for Etreux which is just down the river)

Allies (the 2nd Battalion RMF, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, BEF) will defend Etreux against the Axis Hordes.


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Want to know more about the Affair at Etreux?

Gradually, the fusiliers left the village and after a final burst of fire, they leaped to their feet and ran for it. Unknown to the Munsters, the German 19th Reserve Infantry Division (who were some miles away) heard the fighting and anticipated the fusiliers' next move to the village of Etreux. The Germans moved into the village and waited. As the Munsters edged their way towards Etreux, they were surrounded. The rattle of musketry and the booming of guns could be heard everywhere; the air itself vibrated. On all sides, the dead lay in huddled heaps, while the wounded, with grey faces, tried to rise, or crawled in maimed agony a little further on to die. Bit by bit, the shattered remnants of the battalion fell back into an orchard. The German forces surrounded them with a ring of shells and bullets. As the hours passed, ammunition could only be renewed by taking what was left
from the dead and dying. Gradually, the German's crowded in on them from all sides and, at 9.15 p.m., the little band of not more than 250 men were over- powered. They had held out against at least 9 battalions for nearly 12 hours.

On the next day, about 1500 wounded Germans were assembled in the village, this number did not include the casualties at Fesmy and Oisy. The Munsters were allowed to bury their dead comrades, at least 110 men, in the
orchard which had been the scene of their last stand. (In 1921, the orchard was bought, a wall was built around it, with iron gates facing the Extreux-Landrecies road. On the 4 June, 1922, Father Francis Gleeson performed a dedication ceremony in the cemetry).

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