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Time for a quick word from da Rats.

First off, the AMERICANS are here !

This first campaign with the American forces present became a hard fought strongly contested bar room brawl of a fight. Again, the will to take it to your enemy and give him some was very evident and made for some fantastic gaming on both sides of the frontline.

We understand that their equipment list isn't as broad or as deep as the other countries yet, but we'll be working on that aspect of things. Some compromises were made to get them in since game management couldn't wait for dev. to get what they really need done in time for this campaign. We think the best of what could be done was managed and the fight between the Germans and the Allied forces turned out to be intense and fought with great gusto by both sides! Some of the most staunchly defended conflicts I have ever seen in game took place this past week.

We already have our list of things to include as dev. gears up for adding more of the depth required for the American list to match those of the more established countries that have been inthe game for the past decade.

Examples we are listing for future work would include:

American skinned M3a3 Stuart tank
An American medium bomber (A20-C) variant
An American skinned C-47 variant
An American truck (Duece 'ana' Half) probably Studebaker or White production model
An American M3 half track
American skinned P40-F variant

American paratroops
American motormen and rifle grenadiers

There are other variants on this list too:

M10-C Achilles (British) Tank Destroyer (QF.17 pdr gun)
PzKw.IIIL (long barrel L60 gun) to add more oomph to the German medium tank line
An american "borrowed" Ca.Mle AA gun to get us to the longer term inclusion of a maxton mount .50 AA unit

This represents only the most immediate list, naturally long term the list is several miles longer than this :)

I'm not going to give out any deadlines or schedules because there aren't any to give. We're going as fast as we can. I just wanted to demonstrate what our intentions are so you don't start thinking negative thoughts. :)

There's also all the stuff that v1.35 dev. is working on. The new grenade throwing animation/targeting system which is sahweet, and a direct fallout of dev. work on the dev.management tools we created for RA. Not to mention the new HEAT rifle grenades, early war semi-auto rifles and improved Lee Enfield rifle.

On the subject of RA, Dana was going to post a piece but he's way too busy today so I'll chime in. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all who supported us in this recent RA work, and who understand that WWIIOL's future is directly linked to our being able to do more with less, and produce viable product outside of WWIIOL so that the company can maintain some health in the business side of things and continue to develop WWIIOL. In reality, the RA work is already benefitting both the company in terms of business interest and it is already benefitting WWIIOL. So a big thank you to all and we hope you can continue to see these benefits as WWIIOL continues to survive in a brutally difficult market. We love the game and we know you do too. We don't want to see anything but a future for it. RA actually helped us get the americans into the campaign game sooner than would have happened otherwise, so there's another example of how something seemingly not WWIIOL is actually helping WWIIOL.

Recent posts in the forums have again raised the spawn delay issues we all feel (us too!) and I want to assure you all that we want more carrot less stick involved in how we manage trying to make the game fair when numbers are not evenly balanced. We have things planned and we hope they can ... if not eliminate spawn delay at least reduce it to a small lever working with a bunch of more effective levers to achieve the same goals but with less downside for players.

So we're still here as always, and we still have plans we are working on for the future of the game, and the company that makes it. Keep the faith, it's still a great game and we want it to remain so.

0 #22 balck 2012-12-10 16:34
"PzKw.IIIL (long barrel L60 gun)"

'Bout freaking time!
0 #21 ddsmvwls 2012-07-31 10:24
Have you made any consideration for using the MkIII M ? The up-gun and some extra side armor too would be really nice.
0 #20 Electrot 2012-07-28 21:03
I would still love to see the Brits get a Bren gun carrier.
0 #19 steelpth 2012-07-28 20:34
When you said achillies I got major wood! Keep talking dirty to me Doc.
0 #18 Johnny Bower 2012-07-28 18:12
Doc, Good Move...I see our gaming population increasing and a more balanced warfight.
0 #17 crossfir 2012-07-28 15:50
Wow, this is great future of the WWII Online. However, I'm hoping to see Universal Carrier & Lorraine 37L before M3 half-track and M3 Scout Car were used by Allied. I thought RAT is planning to add Firefly to British before Achilles.
0 #16 Dan (xspiers) Spiers 2012-07-28 15:26
It's such a shame that the kickstarter didn't work out, but the Rats will pull this off with the help and support of their very best and only WW2OL community. Don't loose faith in them, and keep supporting WW2Ol!

0 #15 Smythes 2012-07-28 13:10
Godspeed in your creation of these bits of kit - can't wait to drive them for the first time!
0 #14 Vishnu 2012-07-28 07:17
Tha k you guys for all your hard work! I love this game and never plan on leaving, barring the zombie apocalapyse or my wife says no........
0 #13 Pauker 2012-07-28 06:48
Real good news!
Best announcement in years.
Understandable, that not everything what is needed can be done at the same time.
Looking forward to see many players returning.
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