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We've got some big news for our community, that will bring some exciting growth for strategic and tactical options employed on the battlefield.

We're happy to announce to our community that we've made the big decision to provide our "Free Play" option the use of "Airborne Rifleman."

When we first started the Free to Play option this was a topic of debate for our team, trying to find the right balance to provide value in our existing programs, and quality game play experiences for this new plan.

Now that we've given some time to study and review how Free to Play is doing, we're ready to add the Airborne Rifleman to their equipment list.

This is an important move to add more to ingame operations, providing all of our players with more exciting strategy and tactical options. The Airborne side of our game is deeply unique from many other games attempts at creating a genuinely realistic airborne experience.

We'd like to encourage High Command Officers, Airborne Squads and community leaders to push Airborne operations again. Paratroopers have a really profound impact on battlefield situations providing the given conditions and mission.

When will Airborne Rifles be available for F2P?

Effective Date: 12/21/2012

Personas with Airborne

  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Germany

Can Airborne Rifles capture CP's?

Yes, all F2P infantry allow CP capture.

0 #5 mura05 2012-12-24 06:49
0 #4 rommel9 2012-12-23 20:23
Woo, more meat bombs for airborne ops! :D
0 #3 fxmkorp 2012-12-23 10:23
As a subscriber & Paraplane driver I applaud the decision, the success of paras is in their numbers.
I just would like to have the Paraplane for FPA too so I could paradrop in my own plane and not gain deaths my driving the Plane on by Army Stats.
0 #2 tomppeli 2012-12-23 04:21
lol i saw this yesterday ingame :) THANK YOU! :)
0 #1 pittpete 2012-12-23 00:33
Yahh baby, gj CRS
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