KABOOM! Bazookas Incoming!

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On the 10th Anniversary of WWIIOL, Playnet Inc revealed the upcoming introduction of American forces and a new set of infantry weapons, first to the Rapid Assault scenarios and then to the campaign game. We're now excited to announce that our first round of shoulder mounted weapons will also make their appearance this year. Woot!

Coming initially to special events, then to campaign play, the first round of shoulder mounted weapons will be the German Panzerschreck and the American M9.

The RPzB: Raketen Panzer Büchse 54(Panzerschreck) is armed with 4322 Summer ammo (88mm) with a maximum range of 1000m and maximum angle of impact for detonation at 20 degrees.

The American Rocket Launcher:M9 boasts 2.36 inch HEAT charges with a maximum effective range of 300 yards and a maximum angle of impact for detonation of 30 degrees.

{igallery 32}

Though there is a disparity in the damage the two different rounds do, they both go through the others sides' vehicles about equally well. A special thanks to Hchris for his research on these.

The work is nearly complete on these two introductory models, and closed testing will begin shortly. This is another step on to road to bringing a new level of game play to the campaign server with exciting new ways to blow stuff (and each other) up.

Bazookas will make their first appearance in the upcoming campaign special event, The Battle For Aachen (date to be announced). Their addition opens up a whole new range of ass-kicking special events that our SE team can dream up. Combined arms combat just got a whole lot more interesting!

The inclusion of these introductory bazookas into the live campaign game will come when we've filled out the supply list enough so that we have a robust set of weapons and vehicles to create a new tier or supplement one that already exists. Decisions also need to be made on what Tier these will come in, what adjustments need to made and what other shoulder mounted weapons might need to be modeled and added.

Thrilling new battles lay ahead of us, guys, and we just can't wait to bring you more of this kind of stuff.



Some clarifications from the team:

"The PanzerShreck's maximum range of 1000 m is under test conditions. To fly that far, you have to fire it at 45 degrees, which was a very unsafe angle. We will probably not let you kill yourself firing this weapon.

The American round maximum range is about 600 m for a stationary target, but it is difficult to aim this far - for both rocket launchers.

The reports of their "effective" range, generally refer to moving targets and are essentially the same: 150-200 m. (Some refer to 300 m as an "effective range" for the M6A3 but I believe this refers to stationary targets, which was common for targets in the 300-400 m range)."

0 #28 Smythes 2011-07-17 14:41
Nice Data - thanks for the update.
0 #27 Bboy 2011-07-16 04:38
0 #26 biggunsar 2011-07-14 12:30
wow, only took 10 years to implement.

Now if they could only get multicrewing with ts auto negotiating with the crew. That would be cool.
0 #25 druide 2011-07-12 12:41
interesting... may have to resub in the near future.
0 #24 killbuck 2011-07-11 10:07
d a m blowback will spill ya beer
0 #23 kildar2 2011-07-10 01:06
sounds like great fun to me cant wait :)
0 #22 terry231 2011-07-09 09:48
I am with Pittpete I may also resub. I've been kinda missing it anyway.
0 #21 War49 2011-07-09 07:44
Awesome, this will be a game breaker. Tanks will now have to have close infantry support to get anywhere near a town. Good job.
0 #20 hchris 2011-07-08 16:34
Btw no problem guys, if you need anything else, please drop me a mail :)
0 #19 Doyle2090 2011-07-08 10:24
i hope they add the british Piat into the game the boys-antitank rifle isnt as good as most people think its only good on lightly skinned vehicles :(
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