Dog Days- Bringing the Heat!

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We're in the last stretch of summer here in Texas- home of the Cornered Rats. This has been quite a year and we're focused on bringing 2010 to a close with another big effort resulting in some significant upgrades to the game.

2010 had us deep in the bowels of WWII Online systems with wholesale changes to our graphics and terrain engine. 1.31 was born in June after more than a year of work by all members of our team. We succeeded in bringing several cool new features (weather, new capture, rag doll & more) to the game but the majority of the work was done in modernizing the engine so that our graphics, effect and objects were on par in the MMO marketplace. This was key to keeping the game relevant and sustaining new player growth. Anytime that we spend scarce resources on overhauling "core" systems it's hard for players to really see quick improvements and 1.31 was no different. We are proud of the final product and the reaction from new players and those that have been with us for years has been very, very positive. We also hope we don't have any more 18 month dev cycles HAHA! [Soooo not funny. - MM]

Alongside the development cycle for 1.31, we continued support for our partner in China who has launched a separate, commercial version of the game exclusively for that market. We dedicated a lot of time and effort to ensure the necessary changes and localization issues were delivered to give them the best chance for success. With major marketing in China still to come, we continue to support our partner though much of the "heavy lifting" for our dev and production team has ended.

With a only a few months left in 2010 (a blink of an eye in dev terms) we're firmly locked down to a rapid delivery of 1.32 which will include Player-Placed Objects and Bail-out for aircraft. The best news we can pass along is that 1.32 went into closed Beta testing last week and we are anticipating a very short stint of closed testing followed by immediate open testing and live release. We aren't setting a release date yet but you can bet on our best efforts to bring 1.32 as soon as possible.

Later this week, if everything goes to plan, we will be unveiling part of our 1.33 plan. Our team is working at a break-neck pace to have two major live releases during the last four months of 2010. Only time will tell if we succeed or if we slip into 2011. We have an extremely aggressive schedule that we will continue working to complete.

We're also looking into 2011 and talking about many things that need attention and features including tools for map management, improved newbie experience, enhanced squad tools/play and a long "wish list" representing all aspects of play.

It's an exciting time to be part of the WWII Online project and community and though bumps and bruises come with the territory, we continue to deliver one of the the most unique offerings in online gaming and the amazing support of the players who recognize the special nature of the game- something not found anywhere but WWII Online.

Strap in for a great last few months of 2010 and enjoy the ride!
0 #18 Gyrfalk 2010-09-01 10:05
Still waiting for the Spaa and other new toys...
When i see it i will resub for an entire year

oh well
+2 #17 kroni 2010-09-01 01:14
NAVY LOVE IN 1.33! 9 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
+2 #16 mdundee 2010-08-31 21:35
I would love a crew-server mortar, or a tiered RG system :) But I'm salivating over PPO!
+2 #15 Lipton 2010-08-31 20:30
Player-Placed Objects...Awsome!
Enhance squad tools/play...Awsome!
Bail-out for Aircraft...waste of dev time.
But you could throw all of this away and I wouldn't mind.
+2 #14 Schtoop 2010-08-31 19:20
Lootable corpses!
+2 #13 Solitaer 2010-08-31 19:13
Don't forget to ask Motormouth about my suggestions via email.
2011 the year of the infantry!
+2 #12 Duke1 aka Chuck Conner 2010-08-31 17:15
was thinking maybe have ms's to have the ability to spawn atg like they do inf
+2 #11 gan02 2010-08-31 17:08
what about a complete facelift in graphics... a smoother look would be great ! otherwise this game still rocks!
+2 #10 Maxminus 2010-08-31 17:07
Ahemmmmm...self-propelled anti-aircraft

wink ~ wink ~ nudge ~ nudge
+2 #9 cyclone 2010-08-31 16:23
Please sort out the ATG models, desperately need visual feedback for hits nad there damge model.

Can we have notification when you despawn of critical am I gonn lose this tank.
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