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Hello everyone and welcome to the resumption of what you know to be the regular Campaign game of Battleground Europe. We just wound up the first Bloody Battles series style campaign and saw a stunning turnaround comeback stomp by the German forces after the Allies led off the series with a couple of easy looking wins. Well done all and we hope you had a great time, I know those of us at CRS that played certainly did. Now our eyes turn once more to the regular numbered Campaign game. This will be campaign number 79! We are again applying some lessons learned through experience gained in not only previous campaigns, but in the just completed Bloody Battles series.


Due to an issue with how "one AO at low-pop" was coded, we were forced during the event to go to a 2 AO limit at low-pop times. We fixed this issue since the weekend and will be going back to "one AO at low-pop" with one small change, it can be both hard or soft in terms of an enemy presence on the frontline. This allows us to use it for both campaigns and objective driven events without having to change the code again for each case. One day we will have a switch we can set but that isn't possible at the present time, today.

Also changing will be supply and ToE equipment lists. We are going again with the "there isn't really much infantry in an armor brigade because it's a tank brigade" approach from the Bloody Battles series, and have trimmed overall numbers a little to allow shorter supply timers (4 hours instead of 6 hours) ... we might alter this to 3 hours if there appears to be not enough stuff coming back quickly enough but keep in mind attrition has to factor into the winning and losing of battles. We think after several ranging shots we are getting our shots on target now!

In tier 2 we will be seeing the Piats, Bazookas and Panzerschreks again make their appearance but not the Americans or semi-automatic rifles. This is mainly due to there still being outstanding engine issues with the Americans in a campaign engine that was not written to accommodate them. We have resolved most of these but a couple still remain to be beaten into submission. For this reason we are still reluctant to talk about Americans in the regular numbered campaigns, but we will definitely be talking about this in the near future.

Another issue we want to address but can't yet is that we are raising points scored for RDP bombing from 10 to 40 (the maximum we can award) ... we found a bug when we changed this yesterday that prevents the maximum of 40 being allocated but we're fixing that and it will be changed for players as soon as that change can be transferred to the live game. We don't know what time frame this will take, until we find the bug; but we wanted the bomber pilots (and the fighter pilots who will be shooting them down or escorting them) to know we were working on this and that it is another campaign improvement that came from experience in running the Bloody Battles series.

The game server will come down we estimate at 2:00pm CST today (8:00pm GMT) to reset for the campaign start. We don't anticipate any major issues and it should be back up again withing the half hour, if all goes well. Until then, have fun and don't sweat the stuff. Enjoy yourselves in the game!

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