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WWII Online is holding strong at the rank of 56 out of 1,027 other games on Steam Greenlight. We'd like to share some information about what this initiative is, how we're doing and how you can help us bring this game to thousands of new customers.

Did you read the title? Rank #56 out of 1,027 games, what a great testament that is to this awesome game. Recently Steam Greenlight has opened up great analytics for us as 'owners of our game' to understand the trends, vote percentages, users visiting, etc.

This has been very beneficial for us to review and help plan how we can best guide you guys to assist us with making this a reality. But first, let me get to the point of addressing, "What is Steam Greenlight," for those of you who may not know about it or have kept up with our involvement.


What is Steam?

So you're familiar with the term "Steam" (or you should be), they are the largest online game distributor with a very successful business model. They sell all sorts of games that can be purchased very easily by the consumer by a click of a few buttons. Than that game gets downloaded onto your hard drive, and you launch / interact with all of your steam games and friends through a window designed to keep you in the Steam community.

What is Greenlight?

Steam Greenlight is a Steam community initiative that actually "votes" games to become the next published game on Steam, cool right? It means that we have the ability to field our game for the whole Steam community to see and vote for World War II Online.

How can I help?

There's a few ways you can help, first and foremost: VOTE!

Brief Data to Share

  • 55% of voters vote "YES" (Avg is 57% in top 50)
  • Rank #56 out of 1,027 competing games
  • Remained as top 100 since start
  • Free exposure resulting into new players (active already)

When will be on Steam?

We're confident that in time we will be able to. That time line will be shortened and re-affirmed by your supportive action. We're also working on a new WWII Online Trailer that we plan to launch specifically for showcasing the game in its more "up-to-date" settings.

Additionally we will continue to send e-mail campaigns focused on bringing in new players and veterans to join us in this move to place WWII Online in front of thousands of new customers.

Many of our community members would say that WWII Online hasn't receive enough exposure, this is surely the best thing exposure wise that will have happened.

I'll make a point to update you when there's more news to share. Until than...

See you on the fields of Europe, S!



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