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70 years ago August the most critical battle in modern human history occurred, for if the British lost the world would be a much different place.

With France soundly defeated and much of the United Kingdom’s army tanks broken and scattered across Belgium, it looked like Germany was unstoppable.  Even the Royal Navy was struggling under the onslaught.  Only the Royal Air Force was in any condition to challenge the might of the Axis powers, and even then they where outnumbered almost 3 to 1 by the best trained, most experienced, most modern, and largest air force ever, the Luftwaffe.  Many expected UK to fall; even the UK government was packing to move out of London.  


Winston Churchill, however, refused to give up.  The British Bulldog proclaimed the British would fight no matter what the cost, and the resulting victory is now legend, and “The Few” who bore the brunt of the onslaught are Hero’s among heroes, and in doing the event we remember and honor their bravery, all the participants.
The Event was so successful and popular the first time, most of the participants wanted to do another.

First event the Luftwaffe formed in Vlissingen and Cambrai with about 8 He-111 each, the 30 strong fighter force a mix of 1/2 109E-4 to 1/4 109E-1 and 1/4 110C somewhat evenly distributed to each base.  The RAF had all of its Hurricane I’s and the two Blen If’s lift from Folkstone and maintain high altitude patrols, while the Spitfire Ia’s where on standby at Eastchurch.  The RAF patrol was limited to go no farther then the French coast by orders of Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding.

The LW bomber groups lifted with targets Canterbury and Whitstable and circled to get in formation, reports of an RAF “welcome party” heavy on their minds.

It was not long after the LW lifted from their bases did the first radar contacts showed activity well into the French coastline.  The Operations Room, RAF Uxbridge immediately placed markers on the chart table, thankful for the 100 mile range of the radars, vectoring in the patrols to intercept the approaching enemy forces.

High over the English Channel contact was made, the Spitfires scrambled, and soon the sky soon became a fury of twirling fighters, screams over the radio waves, angry tracer streaks, and falling airplanes and men.  

Despite the best efforts of the Luftwaffe, they could not stop the determined RAF from shooting down one He-111 after another.  Even though the targets where not far, the number of 111’s who could reach the target diminished to half, and although the mission leaders where shot down the remaining bombers pressed on and unloaded their deadly cargo.

The RAF was not going let the LW get away with their deed and pressed home the attack, and more LW fell, as did more RAF defenders.  The few surviving bombers scrambled to safety in Calais, while the escorts did their best to extract themselves from the maelstrom.  The LW took a pounding, with a significant amount of its force scattered across England or floating in the Channel.  Despite the damage and losses, it was a clear victory for the RAF!

The next day the LW was determined to keep pounding the English.  Newly established bases in Antwerp and Maubauge assembled its He-111 and 109E-4’s (and lone Bf-110) and headed to England, and an almost repeat of the earlier one except the Antwerp group was half the size with only 4 bombers and about 9 109E-4’s.

Due to an error in coordination, the smaller Antwerp group, found itself ahead of the larger one, and when contact was made the RAF descended on them like angry swarm of bees on a bear!  Like ducks in a row, the leading He-111 was torn apart by no less then four Hurricanes.  Then the next one suddenly found himself in the middle of the swarm, more targets then the 111 gunners could possibly shoot at, and more then the 111 could take as the left wing was viciously ripped off the bomber.  The 109 escorts tired their best stop them, but the Hurricanes proceeded to the next one, and the next one.

The larger trailing group saw in horror as the Antwerp group was being ripped apart, but it was a blessing in disguise as the RAF expended itself on that group, they would not feel the full brunt of the RAF.  Or so they thought when calls of “Achtung!  Spitfurer!” came in over the radios!  Rising up just below the formation came a squadron of Spits scrambled up from Eastchurch.  Too eager to join the battle, they attacked early and at a disadvantage, but still added to the destruction and confusion.   

Finally the Maubauge group reached the target!  Despite loosing a couple from their number, they where determined to enact revenge with a precision drop on the targets, and that they did!  The beer barrel factory was utterly destroyed!  Oh, the humanity!  All the bombers made a hasty course reversal and a beeline to safety, as fast as they can, with the Spits and Hurries determined they should never return!  It was a maelstrom of 109’s and RAF fighters swirling around the 111’s, but eventually the Heinkel’s broke out and salvation was in sight!  Out of 12 He-111’s that lifted, only 4 returned.

Once again the LW suffered heavily, but the RAF and UK industry did not go unscathed.   
Thank you all for joining in this very special, 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain commemorative event.




0 #8 WWII geek 2010-09-19 17:30
i think they should make a d-day re-enactment if they havent already.but wait until i start playing!!!lol
0 #7 Stugatz 2010-09-10 14:06
Wish I had made it to this event sounds like fun.

Maybe we should do a Doolittle Raid reenactment sometime
0 #6 Tzulscha 2010-09-09 20:02
We need to do this again.

With even more people.

0 #5 Frantish 2010-09-09 14:50
@ Miked420. Already had the event, AAR is in Realism Forum.
0 #4 Hammered 2010-09-09 12:07
Nice AAR Frantish. Here is my two videos of event. Enjoy and cya for the next one S!
0 #3 kannibal 2010-09-08 21:01
the best of the best
0 #2 miked420 2010-09-08 16:51
joining in what event? is there a re-enactment or was reading this the event..?
0 #1 Kenchis 2010-09-08 13:26
That event was great! Thanks for organising it Frantish...
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