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DOCOk warrior boys and girly amazons of the war in Battleground Europe, gird your loins for something special this month!

We are offering a lottery promotion for the month of July. Every week, we will be giving away a free 12 months subscription to 1 player opening a NEW premium WWIIOL account. This applies to any NEW premium account opened during July, it can also apply to any Free 2 Play account upgrading to premium in the month of July, or to any basic $9.99 account upgrading to premium during the month of July.

The winner will be announced each week on the Monday starting the NEXT weeks lottery draw. This means that a total of FOUR players will be awarded this prize by the 1st of August, given that the lottery will close on the 31st of July. Winners will be drawn by random selection with the sole qualification being that the account opened (or upgraded) has to be a premium account ($17.99) and it must be opened (or upgraded) during the month of July.

0 #7 Therma Burn Reviews 2018-06-11 15:48
Some genuinely tremendous work on behalf of the owner of this web site, dead great written content.
0 #6 Enigma 2013-07-06 20:38
Are stats fixed yet?
0 #5 Horst Sarubin 2013-07-06 04:14
I heart you guys.
0 #4 Pongo55 2013-07-06 00:10
Applying this promotion to only newly-subbed accounts really doesn't provide incentive for long-term customer loyalty (a.k.a. the same guys who have been supporting you the whole time) =/
0 #3 Joejean 2013-07-05 13:11
Very ingenius idea, I might even suggest one additional draft for one player a month who also added himself/herself to the official Facebook page. Just an idea. S!
0 #2 Hawker 2013-07-04 04:44
Wooo. Just resubbed. What a nice way to come back to the game :)
0 #1 Maxios 2013-07-03 10:59
Get your sub up ppl and enter the lottery :).
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