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You can launch the game by navigating your start menu:
Start -> Program Files -> Cornered Rat Software -> Battleground Europe -> Play Online.

To avoid compatibility issues between all the choices you have in browser and operating systems, we now recommend that you use a Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu to launch Battleground Europe.

The simplest way to join the game, the "Live" or "Campaign" server, is to use the Desktop Shortcut created during installation of the game.

To create shortcuts to the Live or Training servers, please visit the Shortcuts page on the wiki:

Note: Vista users must create a shortcut to access the training server.

XP users can also connect directly to the Training server now from the wiki's Training section until the new PlayGate is available.

We are working on a new PlayGate that will show you the current status of our servers and allow you to join any of them simply

PlayGate 2

(Art treatment is not final.)

No change is planned for the Mac version, which does not use PlayGate.

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