AAR- Diary of a British Rifleman

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Due to a loss in the family I was given a two week furlough to leave the lines in Belgium and travel back to my home in Huddersfield, in northern England. As I traveled back to the channel the destruction I had seen on the front lines was spread across the French and Belgian countryside, It seemed as if every single building had been destroyed. The cities seemed strangely devoid of civilian life too. I had an uneventful cross back to England arriving in Folkstone but I was shocked.

Aside from a few towns on the Southeastern coast under the protection of the anti-aircraft defenses, the rest of England had been devastated. The war had nearly wiped everything off the face of the country. It was almost as if these towns had never existed. Even passing through London, there was nothing but an empty field. I was told by one of our brave boys in the Spits that all that remained of Paris was a single tree!

I continued inland on the back of a Bedford truck but as the miles slipped by it was obviously hopeless. We made our way back to the coast and I saw the disposition of our troops on a map in a Royal Navy supply office. Somehow during my time away our forces had broken out of our pocket on the French coast. There's no way to accurately express how the lines were now drawn. We had driven across northern France into Luxembourg but pockets and bulges were all over the front. It was almost as if some madman had engineered the most chaotic existence possible, for both sides!

I rejoined my brigade and once again took up my rifle but couldn't understand what was going on. Somehow everything had changed since I had left. I could see untold numbers of Destroyers just off the coast, large numbers of the best aircraft in the world filled the skies in battle. But what truly terrified me was what I faced. As I ventured out from my forward base I saw more than a dozen Tiger tanks lined up along the ridge, with another dozen pushing down the road. With nothing but an enfield I did what any sensible soldier would, I hid in the bushes. As they swarmed my forward base it briefly passed my mind that I should surrender but as I looked around I realized... to who? Nearly 30 Tigers in the area but not a single German infantryman. I slowly began to sneak out of the area, terrified at all times that I might be spotted. I passed within just a few feet of several Tigers on the way out, at one point I thought I might have seen a Panzer II but in retrospect it was probably a delusion brought on by fatigue.

As I go to sleep tonight, I almost wish that I would wake up and find the war as I had joined it, slower aircraft, smaller tanks... but really, what are the chances of that?


Submitted by ''Stu"

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