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Message Board Code of Conduct and Rules

1. These Rules apply to the CRS / Playnet forums, to all other CRS services, and to all other communication services utilizing Playnet resources.

Questions regarding interpretation and application of these Rules should be directed to:
Lead Moderator: GVONPAUL (
Community Manager: BLKHWK8 ( )

The moderators are all community volunteers. Their job is to keep the forums productive and positive.

2. In response to an unacceptable post or other action as defined here, the moderators may make edits or comments within posts containing unacceptable content. They may also remove unacceptable content and issue warnings or temporary forum bans.

All such discipline will weigh the unacceptable content or other action against the prior disciplinary record of the individual in question. The individual's attitude and further actions with respect to the incident will also be a factor.

Borderline content will be evaluated more rigorously when posted by an individual with a significant prior disciplinary record. Posts made during a "riot" or other concerted group rules-violation activity may be moderated more rigorously. In instances where an individual has multiple accounts, related posts from the second account may be considered in regard to disciplinary action for a post from the first account. Generally, repeated unacceptable posting will result in warnings, then temporary forum bans of escalating duration. Repeated temporary bans will result in a permanent ban from forums usage.

3. Do not edit or otherwise defeat Moderator comments. Moderator edits and comments within posts are intended to implement these forum Rules.

4. Do not post discussions of the board itself or of moderator decisions. If you feel the need to discuss either of these, send your questions to the above e-mail addresses.

5. Do not quote content of other posts which violate these rules. Do not repost threads that have been locked or deleted. Do not repost content that has been edited or deleted by the moderators.

6. Threads are to be in posted in their appropriate forums. Do not post substantially duplicate content across additional forums ("cross-posting").

7. Technical Support questions should be posted in the appropriate Community Support forum or directed to the Playnet Support Pages ( Tech Support questions posted in the other forums will be moved to one of the two Community Support forums. In cases where it is unclear which type of system the user is asking about, the post will be moved to the Community Support (PC) forum.

8. Do not post threads about cheats, hacks or exploits. Do not post on this subject even if it is complaints, accusations, observations or commentary. In addition, do not post links to any site that contains either content of, or other links to, cheats, hacks or exploits.
If you want to report what you feel is a cheat, hack or exploit, email the report with as much evidence as possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

All "hack" reports will be investigated by CRS as they arise. Those found active will be dealt with as fast as possible depending on the current development schedule. Accounts that are caught "hacking" in any way shape or form are locked immediately with no warning, questions, or recourse.

9. Do not post Flame. Do not posts messages about quitting, unsubscribing from the service or encouraging others to do so. Do not post links to pages which contain Flame or links to other links which contain Flame. Posts within a discussion-thread should be focused on to the thread topic, not against other individuals in the thread. Flame posts include hostile and negative posts directed at:
- An individual player
- A player organization, including any of the official high commands, squads, etc.
- The moderators of these boards
- Any member of the CRS or Playnet staff
- The game itself
False and negative concepts such as:
- CRS bias
- Nerfing of weapons
- Side advantage by design
- Winning or losing due to CRS actions


10. Do not post Spam. This includes, but is not restricted to, posting "in", "pad", "+1", or any other form of posting expressly to increase your post count without providing content. The moderators will use their discretion to determine when a post is not intended to begin or contribute to a community discussion. Please read the Terms of Service for further information on spamming.

11. Do not post content which is not available on U.S. primetime broadcast television. “Content” means everything included in your post; your written words, any picture, your signature and all direct hyperlinks, whether typed or embedded in an image. Further, “all hyperlinks” means any link you post may not go directly to any content listed below. We understand that linked pages may contain links to content in violation of these guidelines. We require users to review linked pages for obvious links to content which violates the posting guidelines and refrain from posting. Linking to a page which may contain a link to content which violates these guidelines will not constitute a violation, so long as the links themselves do not, in any way, violate these guidelines.
- Inappropriate language
- Inappropriate nudity
- Excessive sexual innuendo
- Racial slurs
- Ethnic slurs
- Religious slurs
- National slurs
- Hate language

If you are unsure of what constitutes U.S. primetime broadcast television standards- for example, inappropriate nudity, play it safe and do not post it. If you need clarification, contact one of the persons in Section 1.

The forums utilize an automatic filter which replaces certain unacceptable words with asterisks. Note that this filter does not make the use of such words permissible - rather, its operation is a direct indication that the poster used unacceptable content.

12. The CRS / Playnet forums are multinational in coverage, and therefore must respect the laws of multiple nations. Per these legal constraints, all posted or linked content must not include certain historical symbols, names and concepts related to the government and other organizations within World War II-era Germany, including but not limited to swastikas.

13. Do not post content, including text, images, links and sig files, which have the effect of promoting another game or directing forum users to a website or other information source that has as a primary function the communication of information or the provision of a forum for commentary which is hostile and negative toward CRS / Playnet.

14. Do not post content that would defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.

15. Do not repost private emails or PMs without the participant’s expressed permission.

16. Do not post directly, or post links to any site that contains either content of, or other links to, files, programs or software that could harm or lock up another person's computer. This includes, but is not limited to, "crash me" sites and automatic playing video/audio. Doing so can result in a ban.

17. Do not arrange for the exchange of pirated software, other copyrighted content or other illegal items or substances while using the Playnet services. This also includes links to any site that contains either content of, or other links to, pirated software or other illegal items or substances.

18. Do not post, publish, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information.

19. Do not advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services for any business purpose on these forums without permission from Playnet Inc. (contact Matt Callahan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

20. Do not use the forums in connection with any surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicate or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise).

21. Do not harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including e-mail addresses and IP addresses.

22. Do not post to have a personal discussion with other individuals. This includes "JOEBLOW" and "EMAIL ME" type posts. Email or a PM works quite well.

23. Do not create "Test" posts. Visit one of the forums and contribute to a discussion to observe what you want to test.

24. The use of any form of robotic scripted action on the official PlayNet Forums is strictly prohibited without explicit permission given by CRS Staff.

25. Signature images should not exceed a file size of 250KB and dimensions not in excess of 640 pixels wide and 380 pixels high. Multiple images in a signature, when taken as a whole, may not exceed the limit set for a single image above. The entire signature, text included, may not exceed 440 pixels in height.

26. These rules are intended to provide further, more practical guidance for users than provided by the Terms of Service. These rules may be changed, without notice at any time. In any situation where the Terms of Service conflicts with these rules, the Terms of Service supersedes any of the above rules.

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