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This coming Monday (10/29) at 11:30AM Central Time we are requesting all available personnel to be online in Rapid Assault. We will be engaging in heavy fighting, with the Dev Team online conducting testing.


We are looking for 30-50+ volunteers to be on our Rapid Assault server on Monday 10/19 at 11:30AM Central Time (GMT -6) to help us show case the potential of the work invested in Rapid Assault.

This is a very important event, please make it a priority to join us. You should expect to be available from 11:30AM-2PM Central Standard Time. Please identify if you will be in attendance -HERE-.


Premium WWII Online subscribers follow these instructions.

Non-subscribers follow these instructions.


Please join us on Teamspeak 3, we will be on the standard Allied TS3 server and will create temporary Allied RA vs Axis RA channels. Microphone or not, please jump on as it will be easier to communicate with you.
  • TS3 IP:
  • Password: huv36
  • Username: Your Gamer Tag


  • 9:30AM Pacific
  • 11:30AM Central
  • 12:30PM Eastern
  • 5:30PM GMT



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