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XOOMThe WWII Online Swag Store is officially online and ready for you to shop! Currently you can get Shirts, Mugs, Mouse pads and more. For a limited time get our "Throwback" T-Shirt which has the original WWII Online logo on it (which is AWESOME I bought one myself).

For a limited time purchase this WWII Online "THROWBACK" shirt which has the original WWII Online logo. Profits from Swag Store will go towards the support of WWII Online. All shipping and payment occurs through CafePress.

Browse the Swag Store for official gear, and side specific items (Allied & Axis).



This shirt is also available in white. Both are available now in all sizes.

Limited Time Throwback Shirt


Is there an option for PayPal?

Yes, upon checking out you should see an option for PayPal.

Does this occur through Playnet billing?

No, all billing occurs through CafePress.com

Sizes and availability?

Sizes and availability are dependent on CafePress.com's availability of items, you should be good to go.


0 #1 tomppeli2k 2013-07-17 04:23
this is great! but... why the throwback must be only a limited time? i would buy it and i want it so much but i just cant buy yet :(
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