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WWII Online: Battle Ground Europe is so much more than a First Person Shooter (FPS) game. It is a game in which tactics, strategy and command all play a vital role - From the tactics you'll need to employ to be successful as a rifleman, to the strategy employed by High Command.

More than any other MMO, we believe WWII Online: BGE puts you in charge. In our game world, it is you who direct the course and direction of game play.

In our world you must bring your FPS and your MMO game talents; because your tactics, strategy and command attributes will be vital to the success of your team.

 Panzer Tank and Axis Infantry Guard Unit

High Command

Each side in WWII Online BGE has a Command (HC) structure.

  • HC sets the strategy and objectives for a campaign

  • HC is responsible for the deployment of its forces

  • HC is run solely by players

  • With sufficient training, any one can become part of the leadership structure

  • Officers in the leadership are rotated on a regular basis, giving everyone who wants to, the chance to shine in command

It is this player-controlled setting of strategy - the tactical side of WWII Online: BGE – that sets the game apart from the average WWII FPS game. In this MMO game, not only are FPS skills a requirement, but leadership, planning and tactics play equally important roles.

As an MMO game you can expect there to be many players participating in the HCs. Forming a tightly knit group, dedicated to serving the game-community.

Setting Targets

High Command decides where the next attack will be focused. Making the right decision is paramount. Just as deciding on the correct target can allow your side to moved forward, so selecting the wrong target can be a big setback.

Allied infantry units and Bedford trucks on a bridge


Supply Movement and Disposition of Forces

High Command is responsible for deciding where Divisions and Brigades should be deployed. They are responsible for moving these entities as the campaign progresses, ensuring the right equipment is in place, to carry out their orders.

If the correct kit is not available and in the right place, it may give the enemy the chance to break out.


Tactics and Strategy

From the overall strategy of a campaign, to the tactics required to win a particular battle; this game lets you participate at all levels of the chain of command.

Officers in Charge and Mission Leaders help set the tactics used in the field. Their orders and ability to communicate help to dictate the outcome of a battle.

Without the correct tactics, no matter how dedicated the players, victory will not be achieved.

Desk Bound

But in this MMO game these commanders do not always sit behind a desk; they need FPS skills too! They are often be found in the heat of battle; in command of their troops, driving trucks, leading a column of tanks. Doing whatever is necessary to help their side to victory.

And so, not only is a leader in the field; a leader is often killed in the field too! Much satisfaction – and often damage enemy assaults – is derived from taking out the enemy's leadership.

In our world you must bring your FPS and your MMO game skills – Because your tactics, strategy and command skills will all play a vital role.

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British patrol

German Bombers
Air Force Combat
French Char

WWII Infantry, Tanks, Navy & Air Force 

Command Tiger tanks, fly a Spitfire or carry a Bren machine gun into combat, in this huge WWII MMO game. Choose to play and advance up to 9 characters: 3 different countries in 3 branches of service. It's player skill, not power-ups that count!

Battleground Europe offers a huge variety of play. With over 100 historically accurate WWII vehicles and weapons modeled from the period between 1939 and 1944, you can compete for and against French, British and German forces.
| Unit and Weapon Guides |

9 in game characters across three branches of service:

Army | Air Force | Navy


Your army persona lets you play as infantry or mechanized unit.


Utilize WWII infantry weapons like light machine guns, sniper rifles and mortars. Take the fight to enemy tanks. Patrol the countryside scouting for enemy anti-tank guns. Fight in town against enemy infantry units.

Armor and Support Vehicles

Crew one of the many armored vehicles, such as the SdKfz 232 and Daimler Mk. I scout cars. Hunt tanks with QF 17 Pdr or PAK 40mm. Take out the enemy's air force using Bofors and Flak. Help your comrades by driving a support truck: from a British Bedford to German Opel.


Command tanks, there is a wide selection to choose from, with icons such as the Panzer, Matilda and Char.

Air Force

Select an air force character and jump into an iconic aircraft of the period like the Spitfire, Bf-109 and Curtis Hawk.


Fight for the navy as a marine. Take to the seas in one of a variety of ships. Your navy persona allows you to captain a destroyer and patrol the rivers in a Fairmile B.

| Personas |

WWII Combat

All combat is alongside thousands of live players in the same game world. Every vehicle and weapon is controlled by a real person. With historically accurate weapons and a balanced set of equipment for the different armies, this is a skill-based game where player knowledge and tactics are supreme.

No other online game matches up for simulation-style combat on this scale. There simply is no other game experience like it.

| Quick Start Guide |

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This is a game that still has me hooked. I don't believe that anything will come close to this game and I look forward to continuing this game as a member of this fantastic community! -Dasspeil

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Teamwork is the foundation of this WWII MMO. All ground is taken and lost alongside thousands of other players. Join a squad and plan a mission, or log in to one that is already in progress. In Battleground Europe, teamwork and tactics are the most effect means of capturing and holding territory.

campaign mapAllied versus Axis

At the top level, this MMO provides an Allied versus Axis conflict with French and British forces fighting against German forces for dominance in WWII Western Europe from 1940 through 1944. The game world is a single, zoneless map that models Western Europe at 1/2 scale. That's right, it would take you days to walk from one side of the game world to the other! From this map, the game provides winnable campaigns that are completely player-controlled and non-scripted. Some campaigns have lasted for more than two months before a victor was decided.

Layers of Teamwork

We believe that, more than in any other MMO game, effective teamwork is a requirement for victory in WWII Online: Battleground Europe.  | The Mission | Combined-Arms | Squads | Leadership Structure |

The Mission

A missions is the foundation of tactical play.  You select which country and which branch of service you wish to play during each game session. Choose Army, Air or Navy for the British, French or German forces and then select one of the variety of player-created mission-types such as area attack, area defense or point attack. In all cases, missions provide a group to join, with a common goal. With experience, you may even find yourself leading a mission against enemy forces.

| Missions WIKI page |

Combined-Arms Teamwork

Success in this WWII MMO is all about combined-arms and teamwork. Depending on the branch of service you selected, you may find yourself providing Close-Air-Support in your bf-109, or protecting a QF 17 Pdr field-gun with an SMG. Combined-arms means each unit type supporting the other, in an environment where all unit types have a role to play. Without combined-arms an attack will prove unsuccessful and a defense will fail.


Squads (Guilds) are also player-created from within the game.  The game allows you to search for squads that specialize in areas such as armor, air, support and general combat. They are also defined by language and regular times of play. You can try out any squad before becoming a full member and once you do, you'll find yourself part of a regular group of players that may become online friends.

| Squad WIKI page |

Leadership Structure

The High Command Staff offers another unique part of game play in our WWII game.   A rank and experience based system allows players to get involved in the leadership of campaigns, controlling strategy by directing armies and brigades to operate in specific areas of the map. With this comes the control of supply (available weapons and vehicles for use in action) and even placing attack objectives against enemy forces. The teamwork required for various levels of the leadership structure is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the game, but it comes only with proven combat and leadership experience.

| High Command WIKI page | Allied High Command Home | Axis High Command Home |

Teamwork Brings Success

These are just a sampling of the layers of teamwork that are needed to be successful as an individual on the battlefield and as part of a massive, combined-arms action to win the campaign and declare your side as victor.

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Can't say I started with the game.  But I got here as soon as I could.  The game is quite simply the best form of entertainment I have found.  Families are grown here. -Juengre


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Combat Realism

Realism is taken to a new level - This isn't another arcade-style WWII shooter! Our weapons and vehicles are modeled utilizing historical data after hundreds of hours of research. Our advanced physics and ballistics systems create a military-grade WWII simulation. Combat is all about realism: It's brutal and heart-pounding.

The game's designers came to WWII Online: Battleground Europe from award-winning MMO combat flight simulation titles and have carried over a dedication to realism and simulation style game play whenever possible.


A proprietary physics engine powers an advanced, component-based damage model for vehicles that simulates the actual components found in WWII units. In addition, we accurately model armor thickness down to the millimeter and flight models for aircraft down to every surface and control for a true-to-life simulation. Even the ballistics are precisely and accurately modeled for each type of round in the game. All of these elements provide realism, creating a skill-based simulation where players must learn to properly employ the weapons and equipment available.

The video seen below helps explain damage and ballistics modeling in the game and gives you a taste of the simulation style gaming experience in WWII Online: Battleground Europe.

{qtube vid:=BzpUVtVUBTI}

The above video was created with a previous version of the game's graphics engine and does not represent the current graphical presentation.

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Been looking for this type of game for ages! You’re fighting on the ground and suddenly behind your back you see a large formation of DB-7s flying in and bombing the town you’re in. I've got surround sound and playing the game makes it sound so realistic. CRS and Rats did a GREAT job at making this game as realistic as possible. Thank you Rats!  -Admiral1


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The BATTLEGROUND EUROPE community would like to extend a special invitation to all players of the long running air combat sim, FIGHTER ACE. Come join our tight-knit group of fighter pilots, tankers, sailors and ground pounders in the largest WWII combined arms arena in MMO gaming. FIGHTER ACE vets are invited to sign up for 2 months of free play time in WWIIOL:BE and will also be eligible to access a custom designed decal that recognizes their membership in the FA community.

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