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From the Battleground Europe Q&A forum: "Has there ever been any thought to expanding the number of chat channels you can be in to more than 6? Being in HC I find that 6 just isn't enough when Map OIC when I'm trying to coordinate things. 10,20,30,ops,target,mission,side,squad are all channels I find important and it would be awesome to be able to tune them all! Perhaps even just allowing channels be combined in a single tab would be nice."

KFS1: We've discussed making it so that the "6" channels are primaries, i.e. the ones you have Fkey access to. We'd then provide some means of allowing you to tune many more channels - for a total of say 16 or 32 - where you would need to use "/N" (e.g. /13) to transmit on them.

One of the biggest obstacles to improving our chat user interface is the number of people who are enamored of/attached to being able to transmit on multiple channels at one time. We think it would be much better to have a wider variety of chat channels so that you can more accurately target these messages with one transmission, allowing people to custom color code messages by channel.
0 #1 Khamsin 2010-04-13 05:35
Need tunable target chnl, particularly for air guys. e.g.launch on miss to Charl but en route town falls. Sedan attacked. Can't talk Sedan def unless use side or ops chnls. Ideally, have chnl could tune same way as player ..type in town name.
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