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From a recent discussion in The Barracks: "Changes needed re: Airfield placement. Allies need airfields in the following towns: Antheny area to mirror Bertrix/Jodogoine to mirror Verviers. Not having AFs there literally gives axis air dominance in that riverline area. You can remove the airfield at Berry and Seclin and move them up the map to those new locations."

DOC: Airfields are chosen based on locations that had an operational airfield during the time period, preferably one that was of reasonably high profile due to historical action. It is not our intention to mirror airfield locations based on where one might draw the frontline since the frontline is not static and changes constantly, including the capture of airfields thus rendering the “mirror” state one might imagine to a moot point. Additionally if there was no operational airfield history at a town in real life we chose not to model one for the game there.

Berry-Au-Bac and Seclin were very significant operational airfields for the Allies in the first year of WWII (BoF) and this harkens back to our roots in designing the game from the outset to reflect the tone of the historical set-up in May 1940, which is the point from which players launch their intentions to alter the course of history.

We are aware that not everything in the game is “equidistant” but we never intended it to be. We only ever wanted it to be generally equal in the sense that both sides have roughly equal chances, given that “equality” changes with every town capture, it is a dynamic state not a fixed one. As the lines change and a campaign moves along, the balance of “mirrored equidistant states” change with it. There must always be scope for player actions to alter this state, we should never attempt to place a 50/50 balance into a vice and lock it in place. It is part of the games design that all things tend to have some small comparitive offset in them so that player momentum can swing one way and the other with the efforts of the combatants and their choice of action/reaction to those elements. We choose the characteristics of the game elements themselves to generate that more than allow deliberated opinion to do so, wherever possible. This makes the “historical” elements that we can employ, or maintain, or even just tip our hat to in appreciation of ... have some meaning in the game.

We could have chosen to build a game where everything is 50/50 exactly the same on both sides, and locked in place in a manner that admittedly it seems many players in today’s market would prefer in theory, but that wasn’t the game we set out to build and contains none of the challenges we set out to overcome. It also wouldn't have any of the important aspects of WWII combat based on the Western Allies versus the Germans in the first 3 or 4 years of the war. It will always be an interesting discussion to pit “50/50 everything equal and never varies” as a design choice against “allow some offsets to exist where it fuels momentum that can be gained one way or the other in conflict with each other” ... and it is certainly beyond question that we chose the latter path to follow. Most game designs do tend to choose the former and there are sound reasons why they generally do so, but they aren't building WWII combat games as heavily based on the simulator foundation the way we are.

0 #5 SdvillCem 2022-03-17 11:15
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0 #4 singing bowl Healing 2022-03-16 00:16
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on shooter.
0 #3 Maxminus 2010-04-30 16:07
LOL Don!! I can say the exact same about Axis pilots on my 6! :)
0 #2 SON of MAC 2010-04-30 07:17
Code devotion to overall realism is THE key that makes gameplay in WWIIOL:BE THE BEST game. To win a fight (or the war) the willingness to except and overcome great odds without an "easy mode" - knowledge, tactics, & patients is key.
0 #1 Don Ward 2010-04-30 02:27
OK. When are the Allies EVER at a disadvantage when it comes to air power? Nine times out of ten, there's a half dozen Spitfires, Hurricanes and Hawks pouncing on any Luftwaffe pilot crazy enough to be in the air.
Keep the airfields historical.
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