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There have been some questions about some changes made to buildings in the bigger cities in the 1.31 Beta: "I didn't fight in them often before, largely because of a lack of inf cover. I think that now, there are more buildings which provide more alleyways allowing you to sneak around better, but the fact that all but apparently one type of building are closed off means there still isn't much real cover for infantry - a prone ei at the corner of a building still sticks out like a sore thumb, and the fact that you can't get to any roofs is quite unfortunate...Visually, they look a lot better, and I bet when a couple of the buildings in town get blown up it will provide much better cover but I'll probably still avoid fighting there most of the time."

DEKARD: All damage states have currently been pulled temporarily for all the big urbans for performance reasons. We will soon be going back in and adding some hallways/rooms in some of the buildings, and making a new damage state for them that isn't so performance intensive. The choice to make most of them not able to enter is simply the amount of triangles it saves for performance. When we have an inside to a buildingĀ  you want to not just make hallways, but put objects in those hallways as well, all this takes up polygons which will slow our performance. These also have to draw out in an LOD far out because of sight issues when an LOD pops in and out you don't want to be seen behind a couch at 75meters if you are behind it. Lots of factors went into the current decision and buildings may need to be dumbed down a little bit to incorporate an interior, it's a trade off we will need to make on a case by case basis.

Roof access is another problem as well, as fire escapes aren't a realistic solution for the current buildings. We will continue to look at ways to add rooftop access to some buildings as well during this time.