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Some players are wondering how the new capture mechanics and rules will work with side balance: "Will 1.31 capture help an underpop side?"
KFS1: The current Side Balance system of spawn delays is heavily dependent on members of the overpop side respawning and experiencing the delay. With the existing capture system, two guys can take a depot from the underpop side - one to defend the capper and one to cap.

And for the overpop side, they can do that to a bunch of depots far more easily than you can.

With 1.31 that overpop attacker has two options:
  1. Put a lot of people into a few depots and cap relatively quickly. Getting it down to the sort of capture times we have now is going to take a lot of people. That's a lot more chance for you to get some of them into the spawn delay system. And each one you kill is going to add to the capture time without depending on you killing exactly the right one.
  2. Put a few guys into several depots and cap fairly slowly. The advantage here is the underpop side is going to have much more chance to fire at them. It's going to take several minutes for 2 guys to cap a depot.

And the book isn't closed on the design for the capture rules yet. We have several options we want to look into, such as faster capture/liberation rates for the underpop team; freezing the progress bar when a capper is killed or kills someone, either if the capper is overpop or generally.

The Capture System is an integral "Hard Coded" part of the server, but the rule system is written in such a way that the Producers/Designers can make sense of it and adjust it on-the-fly on the beta server so as to really get their teeth into it.

If you try the beta next week, you may notice another capture feature we're evaluating:

NOTE: soandso is capturing Antwerp-Schilde Depot.

These reports happen when someone pushes a progress bar over 10%, a maximum of once every 2 minutes per facility. They only go to your side, infact they are sent to the "Objective" channel. So you aren't going to get spammed with a million of them.

0 #4 broder 2010-04-03 11:04
@zeb: I guess my confusion stems from the ambiguous wording. "your side" does not specify attacker/defender. I assume it would be the defender getting the notice though, why tell the attacker that they are attacking? Can someone clarify this?
0 #3 zeb 2010-04-01 15:42
@Broder : "They only go to your side, infact they are sent to the "Objective" channel."
People always do it anyway, but sometimes don't have time to do it. Needs testing.
0 #2 Broder 2010-03-31 22:50
The "$username is capturing $capturepoint" message seems like it would be a great advantage to the overpop side. Instead of having to gaurd and hunt, just wait until the message pops up and zerg the CP. Just my 2 cents.
0 #1 zeb 2010-03-30 10:04
the capture notification has the potential to become a great feature to improve global coordination during battles, both with and without an OIC. In general, the new system certainly appears much better then the old one.
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