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Pel posed this question in the Barracks this week: "I'd like to see the CinCs once again allowed to choose which units and the numbers of those units RDP'd for each cycle. It could be made so that there is a minimum and maximum level for each unit so every type is guaranteed to be in the list an there'll be no 5 Tiger and nothing else brigades. I think this would bring a little variety to each campaign / tier."
GOPHURGOPHUR: Me too. But not really. i think the original implementation of RDP and allowing each country to select what they would research next and allow them to adjust the production numbers was AWESOME. However, most of the players weren't as keen on it. Actually I think all of them liked it until it was perceived to affect them or perceived as out of their control or more bluntly when someone else made a decision that affected their game play. And that's easy to agree with as being a bad thing... sometimes.

If we were to bring it back we'd have to either make it more democratic or more autocratic. In the end, it was a source of more grief than goodness. Not all experiments are a success and while, like you, I liked that one on the meta level, that dog just didn't hunt.
0 #2 ctdan 2010-05-08 18:26
My theory is too long to post here. E-mailing Gophur with my thoughts. Will post same in original thread for others to see.
0 #1 Raptor341 2010-05-06 22:02
I agree with G in the fact that HC led RDP would bring a level of real tactical effect to the whole RDP process other than simple system we have now. Srcap naval forces, build more aircraft. Less guns, more armor, the effects are endless, and needed
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