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A question from Obear71 regarding a recent 1.31 readme entry: "'added hooks for damaging terrain stos'. Does this mean we will be able to damage the terrain??"


RAFTER: The letters "sto" (more correctly S.T.O.) stand for, "Server Tracked Objects". We've been working on adding "Terrain STOs" which, down the road [read: not 1.31], might be used for player-placed objects such as defensive positions. Such an object might need to take damage. RAMP has been working on adding the code to allow that to work when we get to this feature. Normally you wouldn't see that item in a README but that's the fun of being part of an open Beta test.


0 #5 Coronado 2010-05-20 01:23
I have visions of me spending hours filling sandbags to place around my ATG only to be ganked by a lone rifleman sneaking up behind me right as I place the last sandbag in position...:)

I'm not paranoid. They really ARE after me...
0 #4 MDundee 2010-05-16 19:29
now that's cool. OIC-placed AI and obstacles (barbed wire, tank barricades, etc) could be Lots of fun, and would make being an OIC of a defense a lot more interesting.
0 #3 Gladio 2010-05-14 11:19
We, Axis, no need Defensive Position :D
0 #2 zeb 2010-05-13 17:48
Terrain STOS... for a respawn at "mission flag" concept ? Really can't wait to finally hear about your 1.32 and 1.33 plans ! =]
0 #1 hchris 2010-05-13 16:36
WOWOWOWOWOW sounds promising!!!!

Player placed tank obstackles??
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