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Bigsarge had this question for the Devs: "For C2 and EWS, what I've been thinking about is what if they implimented, similar to the factories, facilities that would control the EWS in a given sector. These facilities would be destroyable with an automatic rebuild timer.Basically there would be multiple headquarters such as these throughout different areas that would all be networked together.  If you take down a particular hub i.e. headquarters, or part of one say either a radar or a command and control building, or both, all the towns that are tied into that particular network would be blinded until the facility is either repaired by engineers or auto-rebuild."

BLOO: In the context of radar or air warning, that can be a fun mechanic.  Other games, including one previously published by the founders of this company, have successfully implemented that.  It is something we have discussed internally, even as far as plotting where they might go.  But the current Air Warning System was much less resource intensive and got the nod, but an interdictible radar tower system is still a potential.

However, for EWS, we don't favor this kind of system.  EWS represents all the clues you might have about enemy presence that we don't, and can't, model in the game.  Things such as observers, information from civilians, spotter planes, "the birds all going silent suddenly", etc.  These kinds of elements are not interdictible like a home-chain radar system.  Given the very vague level of information the EWS reports, we believe it is an acceptable system that helps draw ground units together to fight.
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0 #4 Majhavoc 2010-04-29 12:58
yep, destroyable radar stations in each town linked to the AWS would be great. Real targets for the pilots
0 #3 Szyporyn 2010-04-29 02:09
That's a way cool idea TBH.

And EWS does not represent all the "clues", it represents a bulletproof, failproof spy network that is INCREDIBLY exact and accurate.
0 #2 gostrydr 2010-04-25 09:46
what about this idea for AWS?
0 #1 malize 2010-04-24 02:01
Having a Radar and Info Center you could regulate detection and dispersal of specific intel. The Radar detects, the IC status determines RT-delay.
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