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DOC weighs in on the subject of the 109s “being changed for v1.31” (and any other aircraft for that matter)

A: Nothing was changed with regard to the Bf109 flight models for v1.31


On the strength of numerous “theories” or claims that they had changed, and following the hit-map bug in the Spitfire Ia model discovered on day 1 of the campaign, the flowing was done at CRS:

  1. All hit-map models were revisited and tested to ensure that the bug was related to only the Spitfire Ia. This was proven to be the case and it is being fixed as we speak.
  2. All flight models were re-tested to re-validate that no unintended changes had occurred to any of the aircraft flight models. Since no changes were intended we wanted to be sure of the facts rather than go on the claims being made.
  3. No deviations form ANY flight behavior were found with ANY of the aircraft. They all perform in the air exactly the same as they did previously. Any changes are probably tied to:
a)Controller changes, to either the joystick input reading (this was changed during v1.31 development due to an OS change mandated by Microsoft Direct X 8.0 updates) or calibration variations between v1.30 and v1.31
b)Individual perceptions or hardware relative to the v1.31 controller changes (my set-up found none but other different set-ups did notice a change)

So we have taken the steps to ensure that there were no changes to any of the aircraft regarding their flight models as none were meant to be made, and none were made. We also made sure that the hit-map bug was restricted solely to the Spitfire Mk.Ia and having found the cause of that bug, we are 100% certain it has not affected any other vehicle, and they were tested to back up that belief. That being said some of them might be flying differently for some individuals but we can only ensure that this is not due to changes made to their flight models. We cannot ensure that your hardware or even your software associated with running the game client or any controllers providing input to it are exactly as they were in v1.30 for any individual case; or indeed how they perceive things to have changed or not. We can only check that the flight model code and data were not changed. This we have just completed doing and they were not changed.

The new high poly model we used for the new paintjob on the Bf109E-4 this patch does alter it's ground handling but this is the wheels and landing gear not having an identical polygonal geometry to the old low poly model. The same differance in ground handling occured when we used the new high poly model for the Bf109E-1 some time back. This does not affect it's handling when flying only when taking off and your wheels are still in contact with the ground. The new ground handling is actually more realistic as a result of these changes. The aircraft still flies in the air exactly like it did before however.

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