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Some feedback on the player inspired road map for 1.35 and beyond....


Q: Lots of good stuff, exciting times ahead.
One thing you forget to mention is the close quarter infantry combat.
Is this going to be improved upon?

A: Yes. We just put into  beta a ~500ms improvement in the kill system which should make a huge difference. In addition we've been doing a lot of cave time on the host in general.

Q: I didn't see any comments about fixing the DDs gun sights. Would you 
please cover this as well?

A: I'll add this to the list for 1.34 and see if we can;t at least get a minimum in there so they don't point straight up at 0m.

Q: In some games grenades are thrown by selecting the grenade which 
brings up an arched dotted line indicating the spot were the grenade 
will land, the more you move the mouse away the more the arched dotted 
line stretches to a point of maximum throw.

A: I know this one seems like it's the least grognard choice but I tend to think it is actually the most like really throwing. The one where you have a power meter and point with your hand is also nice but it's more like a golf swing. Plus we basically already have that, tape a dot to your screen.

When I throw a grenade (I have a practice one on my desk) I have a very good sense of the arc and if it is going through that window or in that trash can. I think this is the one I'm leaning toward.

Q: Add sounds to grenades when it touches walls, roofs & floors please.
Nothing for JWBS, TOEs and cap timer, very sad.

A: We'll look at the sounds when we add the throw. Good idea if we can do it. I'm not sure what you're looking for to change with ToE's so I can;t comment on that. We did talk about reducing the cap timer but haven;t made any decisions other than reducing it for players being over whelmed by the enemy.

Q: The current berms could benefit a lot from a few just a few extra 
polys each - the 'sharp' ones are the cause of many a vehicle flip and 
infantry often look funky when lying on them. Any love for our faithful 
friends the berms?

A: It's a LOT of work but you're right. If we can;t get all new terrain adding some love to those objects would be great. It's not something I can put on a short time table but it is something I'll put on my board for future consideration. Great warm up project for an artist just getting used to the terrain.

Q: Will there be any improvements for tanking - like using the "nomans 
land" for having tank vs. tank battles there?

A: I'd need some ideas on why tanks would want to control no man's lands. Generally, objectives have some value associated with them. Those sort of large scale tank battles are tough to set up in the sand box environment. Give me some ideas.

Q: In RL you can throw a grenade through a window. You can't in game. If 
you are improving grenade throwing can you make it possible to throw a 
grenade through windows?

A: Well not to brag but I can throw a grenade through a window in game pretty consistently. That said, it is WAY to tough and I've been throwing them for ten years. Yes, the new system needs to be able to handle this well. We'll still want some randomness in the system but it should be a lot easier than it is.

Q: You talked about FRUs not being able to be set behind the enemies 
lines, would yall be able to adapt that to AWS? We all know how 
unrealistic it is for a fighter to be sitting at Frankfurt and watch a 
large group of bombers leave from England.

A: The technology isn't really the same but it might lead to something there. I'll ask as we put it in.

Q: Also, for the bombing part. Whats the possibility of upgrading the 
tail guns as the tiers go? It sux to fly during tier 2-3 with tier 0 
bombers... What is in mind for bombing impacting the campaign game?

A: We don't have the ability at present to change the guns as the platform matures through tiers. When we spend dev resources in this area I think we'd prefer to make the platform more useful first. Better fire control mechanisms are something that we like because they add lethality that is currently missing from multi-gun bombers and ships.

We'd like to have bombing have a greater impact on the campaign game but we haven;t found the right mix yet. Affecting supply is not really beneficial to the game so we like changing victory conditions to include bombers. Y9ou saw some experimentation with that in the Bloody Battles campaigns but we've gotten some resistance to changing victory conditions so at present we're still in the experimental phase. Ultimately I think we need to have more targets and have them affect victory. Using bombing to deny players the ability to compete with weapon availability, while realistic, just isn't a good game mechanic.

Q: Squad Missions - Will this include a change to the UI which allows 
mission leaders to use the missions briefing tab to assign ordnance and 
tasks before spawning?

A: No, this is simply adding the ability for private missions. Of course in a private mission scenario those things will happen organically there just aren't any forced mechanisms yet.

Q: Please don't remove brigades. The strategy of the map is part of what 
makes HC fun instead of a chore.

A: Agreed. Returning to the spawn everywhere fire hose verse fire hose game play isn't something we are considering. What we do want to do is to make sure that the game functions are working all of the time even if there are no HC available.


A: There is a report of this in the bug forum but we haven;t been able to replicate it. Pleas epost your feedback there. I'm sure it is a simple fix once we get a handle on it.

Q: Frigging Awesome. Being able to spawn Fairms from a TT or something 
like that would be lots of fun and really open up the navy to new players

A: Yeah we think so too. This isn't a 1.35 feature but what we're thinking is a mobile spawn object for boats as well as a mobile spawn object for infantry on the beach. Should be very cool.

Q: I was looking forward for better controls of both tanks, ships, guns 
and aircraft but no mention I thought this was one of the features of 1.35.

A: We have some new control mechanisms in development and they are pretty great but we want to make sure that we have them right before deploying them and also that the current method can still be supported. Needs some more work but it is definately in the pipeline.

Q: This ends navy warfare in the north if their are no softcaps. How 
else can we attack BOZ from Willem? Not possible and the north will be 
an area of inactivity. Don't do it.

A: That's an interesting point. I'm not sure what the answer there is. We'll need to look at this in beta and iterate something. Ultimately attacking a town with no enemy in it isn't an attack. Perhaps some effort will be made to keep a force there to prevent enemy advances.

Q: Glad to see these additions and changes coming to the game. As a guy 
who played since 2001 this is one of the only games that I see has the 
legs to continue on and on for many years to come. This is great news 
that development continues!

A: Thanks. We appreciate it.

0 #1 effx33 2017-10-08 16:03
I'm about ready to come back to WWIIOnline. But I have a few questions. I left back in 2010 because of the game cheats that were available. My best friend and I would play every Friday evening but the game got so bad we both left. I would like to know has that been corrected? Have you been able to stop the game cheats and moding? thank you for your time!
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