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"Hey CRS.  The CO of my squad had to unsubscribe a while go because he joined a cult.  But had turned off squad voting and we can't get in touch with him anymore.  But me and the guys want to keep the squad going and recruit new players and stuff like that.  What do we do?" NOTE: This question is an amalgamation of multiple emails, PMs and support tickets and is not intended to represent any particular individual or squad!!11!!

BLOO: This happens, not frequently, but to those that it does affects it's a pain. This is a pain when it happens.  We strongly encourage all COs to appoint XOs and Recruiters so that a squad does not get stuck in this way (and why we encourage voting to be enabled).  For our purposes, a CO 'owns' the squad, but it is more fun when you share.

So from now on, which this happens, we will help the stuck squad by getting voting enabled so that those active in the squad can keep it

1. If squad CO's account has been inactive for 1+ month then
2. Voting will be enabled by CRS to select a new CO

Any squad that needs this process enabled should email bloo at playnet dot com.
0 #3 Maxios 2010-09-24 06:39
Mmm....this happened to the squad im in now, won't go into any details but it sure got nast, but it is sorted now so np :).
0 #2 Erichs45 2010-09-01 20:07
The BEST thing about joining a cult is all the free Koolaid! Bottoms up!
0 #1 diskobo 2010-08-30 02:46
Hope he gets well. Joining a cult is a risky business, never try that at home, kids!
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