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We get this request fairly often from players who would love to help build BE. DEKARD and GOPHUR took a few minutes to help clear up why we haven't taken up these offers: "Dear CRS, please I am begging you, let us mod, in order to introduce many things...If you would let the community mod they could do things like this while you work on bigger updates, splitting the work so to speak...You may be saying "it's our game we do what we want" well that attitude has brought down many games and developers, yet the ones that allow modding and user created content thrive years after they are releases (Rome:total war for example, been going strong for 6+ years)"

DEKARD: It's been asked several times, modeling is the easy part and the most fun. Making the LODs, making the damage states, putting it into the correct hierarchy and exporting it from 3dsmax and getting anything in game is the consuming part and that cannot be done easily by a third party, not to mention all the clean up we'd have to do on models, texture sheets, etc to make it viable in our game. We'd love to have this ability but not until we could hire someone directly to do nothing but clean up and fix user created content. (and that's for buildings, if you model a weapon or vehicle you now are talking about adding animations, in a format our game can except using a program called multigen and alot of other technical issues that are added for damage, effects, etc)

GOPHUR: As awesome as it would be to tap into the pool of volunteers that would love to do some stuff for us, the reality is that the complexity of creating anything in our game is monumental. As DEKARD says, creating the geometry and texture for a tank or plane is the easy part. But that's only about 1/4 of what goes into a model in this game. What's left are things like LOD, damage model, effects, fire points, DOFs, colliders etc. When all that's done, the model gets sent to production who builds the data (such as how much hp does it have, how heavy is the flywheel, how is the mass distributed, how much inertia did the road wheels have and on and on and on). Literally hundreds of data points, or, in the case of planes, thousands. And, of course, it's inevitable that the model has some stuff that isn't quite right, gets sent back to art, who fix it, then send it back to production for more testing, and so on. It's a management nightmare as it is, adding to that trying to manage and fix submitted work from volunteers who don't know the process inside and out? GAH!