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Today's question is from Arisaka99 in the Q&A forums: "I'm fairly new to WWIIOL and I was wondering, why can trucks and other transport vehicle carry an infinite number of infantry or tow an infinite number of AA/AT guns? Is it because of the lack of players willing to haul or tow assets? If so, when more people begin to play will you limit the carrying capacity of vehicles?"
DOC: Maybe, hard to say with any certainty at present. We don’t have a way to limit them in this fashion at the moment and whether we will or not in the future hasn’t been decided. It’s a possibility that it could be done. The multiple guns being towed is probably the biggest “issue” here and while addressing it isn’t impossible (just not chosen yet) it would very much reduce the guns being towed out there if it were 1 per vehicle like real life. That might not be wise until the game has more rewards for towing stuff, which should come first.
0 #5 Schtoop 2010-05-12 18:23
How about at least making it so the guns are in a "train" fashion? Two or three guns in a chain at least looks more realistic than all the guns bouncing in and out of each other.
0 #4 romzburg 2010-05-07 11:40
Self-towing is best, since we have few players. Multi-towing is also ok as-is, since we have few players.
0 #3 joedeath 2010-05-06 17:00
If you make game play slow and cumbersome then players get bored.
MSP’s are not realistic either.
I think the current allocations allow “enough” realism.
0 #2 Gladio 2010-05-06 15:52
Would be nice to introduce a way to allow the AA/AT crew to select and drive their own truck so to hook and tow themselves.
0 #1 zeb 2010-05-05 13:29
Could tanks tow guns as well IRL ? And what about allowing atgs to REspawn at MSP if dieing/despawning close of it ?
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