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Dracus1 asks "I never complain about much but being an older player and ranked up to Light Colonel and no place to go. It would be nice for the group to give us the rank of Full Colonel even if it was a million points to get there."
GOPHUR: We'll definitely take this into consideration in any upgrade to the OIC and HC functionality we have in the future. I'd also very much like to expand this more with ranked medals.
0 #2 dd 2010-03-04 06:59
would be better if you gave standard medals and awards for kills and made rank to go up and down according to leadership and team work ability. As is every rank past E6-E7 is meaningless.
0 #1 aceman8 2010-02-18 14:43
It would be nice to see some sort of rank or decoration on the individual uniforms as well.
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